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Win7 vLite issue - Fails to load CD/DVD driver?


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Ok, Im an experienced vLiter with Vista but havent touched vLite in about a year. Ive made plenty of good ISOs in the past for Vista SP1 inc. my own Media Center oriented build. I test my builds in VMware workstation 6.5.

Now Im trying to vLite Win7 Ultimate 32-bit, the latest release candidate. Anyway, I do minor tweaks, not even related to hardware or drivers and it still says early during install that it cant load CD/DVD driver.

What am I doing wrong?

{And just to confirm, I have a good Win7 image coz Ive installed it 'vanilla' and it works fine}

UPDATE - hmm, ok, i only deleted all Languages and it worketh fine now. Win7 must be more finicky about deleting drivers.

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yeah I do.

So far im having problems removing components, vLite plus Win7 is finicky. So far I can remove Languages and encounter no problems. Once Im taking out more Im encountering dramas.

Trial and error is underway.....

If anyone has tips on what can be removed from Win7 by VLite without it crapping out pls let me know.

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Old topic, I know, but it is #1 on the Google search.

Also, after many hours of reading about how to fix the Windows 7 cd/dvd driver required issue:

-buy a new dvd recorder

-download iso from a reliable source

-burn at 2x

-install from usb

I finally found the solution.

Thanks go to ph0tic, post #7 here- http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=68312

Don't remove (ie don't add to [Components] list) -

Manual Install (Setup.exe)

This worked for me.

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