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WPI 7.8.0 Feature requests.

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Al: Wouldn't it just be easier to make a Cleanup category (and others) and check/uncheck what you want? And make it a Configuration so can select them automatically.

TwoJ: That would be very hard to change. I see your point and like the idea, but, not going to happen any time soon.

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Hi from Romania

I'd like to see a button for importing the description for an application from a text file / pad file when adding it, and I'd also like to be able to preview (screenshots) of applications when clicking on their names maybe in the side panel (under the menu). So, two buttons in the add installer dialog.

Or is it possible to do this by using HTML in the description ?

I haven't had time to try WPI yet because I'm selecting from hundreds of software, and maybe these "features" already exist, so forgive me if so, but I didn't see them in the help files / screenshots.

I was recently thinking about building my own post installer when I thought about trying WPI. I had seen it in a custom windows setup disc years ago and it was very buggy (a double click on the window and it would disappear). But the new version seems great.

Congratulations, and thank you a lot. I'm using Kelselenelvian's dll and explorer addons packs in the windows unattended setup too.

"I'll be back"

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Wow thank you, I've read your post immediately two days ago but I was still busy doing silent installers. It seems a lot of the best software is not made to silent install :( and unfortunately many install stupid things automatically and those have to be removed, so I still have a lot of work to do.

I've just opened WPI for the first time and saw that you're right, WPI is great :D. Well after clicking on the Load button for the html/description file the user interface went a little up and the tabs were no longer visible so not perfect.. Why does WPI have to be a HTA X(

However, it's not the first time I see your name mritter (though I'm not sure where, you must have done something good) and I appreciate the "help". If only these installers didn't give me a headache!

I'll be back :P

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Yeah, the Load button issue slipped through. They are fixed now.

HTA: I didn't create WPI, just took over the programming 3+ years ago. It was just a "simple" script when first created, but I have done my best to advance it. By being an HTA it doesn't have to run in a browser, can use more Windows' features than just plain JavaScript can. An HTA can do just about anything a compiled program can. And it has always been open source.

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#1 WPI can set the volume of windows via the audio player tab. (I believe it does this globally, not just for WMP)

#2 Thats why there is a "Default" option. It will set it as told by windows and your system what is the best defualt for your setup. I always use the Resolution and Color Depth section but I NEVER set the refresh rate with it...

#3 It used to be that way but the way it was made it so people kept screwing up and not saving their settings. This way you have the option to either back-out and not save settings or to save settings and then backout. (Maybe mritter can make the suggestion of yours an option, But don't quote me.)

#4 cscript.exe is in windows 2000\sp4 and above. As WPI no longer supports The "Legacy" OS's we will not add it. (For older os's please see WPI Classic and add it in as a filecopy option.)

The volume is not global afaik. Tested 3 times :)

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Thank you for WPI v7.7.0.

I would like to request the ability to redirect the stdout of a command from a console application.

For example, if I add the following command

taskkill /? >c:\taskkill.txt

I would have expected taskkill.txt to contain the stdout of the command "taskkill /?".

With v7.7 it seems that the redirection character and filename are interpreted as a command line parameter and causes the console application to not run correctly. (taskkill.txt does not get created)

Are there any current work-arounds?

Thank you.

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cmd /c taskkill /? >c:\taskkill.txt

and update this function in core.js

function ReplacePath(v)

var i, rs=new String(v);

rs=rs.replace(/%wpipath%/gi, wpipath); // Replace WPI's special environment variables
rs=rs.replace(/%root%/gi, root); // WPI parent folder

if (hdd=="")
rs=rs.replace(/%cdrom%/gi, cddrv); // started from cdrom
rs=rs.replace(/%cdrom%/gi, hdd); // not started from cdrom

rs=rs.replace(/%sysdir%/gi, sysdir); // same as before
rs=rs.replace(/%dospath%/gi, dospath); // new variable
rs=rs.replace(/%oslang%/gi, oslang); // operating system language code
rs=rs.replace(/%userprofileroot%/gi, userprofileroot); // root of user folders

rs=rs.replace(/%comma%/gi, ','); // Put a comma in command line
rs=rs.replace(/&/gi, '&'); // Put an ampersand in command line
rs=rs.replace(/>/gi, '>'); // Put a greater than in command line

// Replace other (standard) environment variables (either global or defined in the process calling WPI)
var envarname, envvars=rs.match(/%[^ %\f\n\r\t\v]+%/gi); // find ALL substrings enclosed in '%' and not containing '%' itself or a white space character
if (envvars) // if any match
for (i=0; i<envvars.length; i++) // loop on the matches
envarname=envvars[i].substring(1, envvars[i].length - 1); // strip the match from its enclosing '%'
rs=rs.replace(envvars[i],WshEnv(envarname)); // replace it by the corresponding env var

return rs;

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Thank you very much mritter,

This is great work!

However, I found two (low priority) issues:

1. for this to work with wpi 7.7.0, I had to delete the following line:

rs=rs.replace(/%userprofileroot%/gi, userprofileroot); // root of user folders

(I figure this is probably something new for wpi 7.8.0)

2. it does not work if the program I want to execute has quotes around it or one of its command line parameters (if there is a space in the name for example).

For example, the following command does not work as expected

cmd /c "D:\some\path\on\dvd\app.exe" "param1" >c:\app.txt

It produces 'D:\some\path\on\dvd\app.exe" "param1' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

However, if I remove the quotes, it works as expected:

cmd /c D:\some\path\on\dvd\app.exe "param1" >c:\app.txt


cmd /c D:\some\path\on\dvd\app.exe param1 >c:\app.txt

I do not have a long path name just yet, so this work around works great for me, so this may be another request in the future.

I also tried testing escaping the quotes like so

cmd /c "\"D:\some\path\on\dvd\app.exe\" \"param1\"" >c:\app.txt


cmd /c "\"D:\some\path\on\dvd\app.exe\" \"param1\" >c:\app.txt"

but they both produced a similar error as before.

Thanks again.

Edited by icnocop
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