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  1. I'm sorry for posting on a year-old thread, but people reading this should be made aware that BuzMarius's batch script aside from the fact that it's not working (his method, killing the assistant process only does that, it kills it, but it doesn't prevent it from running at logon), it's also advertising a method that is easy to find using Google while the author of this amazing script worked hard to repack this into an amazing INF installer that excludes the ad-toolbars that accompany the original installer and is probably what most administrators would use anyway. I also had to thank Rico for sharing his work with us, as apparently nobody has thanked him yet. So what if this thread revives, the silent install script still works with the latest Unlocker So thank you Rico. I hope I'm not upsetting anyone too much.
  2. Wow thank you, I've read your post immediately two days ago but I was still busy doing silent installers. It seems a lot of the best software is not made to silent install and unfortunately many install stupid things automatically and those have to be removed, so I still have a lot of work to do. I've just opened WPI for the first time and saw that you're right, WPI is great . Well after clicking on the Load button for the html/description file the user interface went a little up and the tabs were no longer visible so not perfect.. Why does WPI have to be a HTA X( However, it's not the first time I see your name mritter (though I'm not sure where, you must have done something good) and I appreciate the "help". If only these installers didn't give me a headache! I'll be back
  3. Hi from Romania I'd like to see a button for importing the description for an application from a text file / pad file when adding it, and I'd also like to be able to preview (screenshots) of applications when clicking on their names maybe in the side panel (under the menu). So, two buttons in the add installer dialog. Or is it possible to do this by using HTML in the description ? I haven't had time to try WPI yet because I'm selecting from hundreds of software, and maybe these "features" already exist, so forgive me if so, but I didn't see them in the help files / screenshots. I was recently thinking about building my own post installer when I thought about trying WPI. I had seen it in a custom windows setup disc years ago and it was very buggy (a double click on the window and it would disappear). But the new version seems great. Congratulations, and thank you a lot. I'm using Kelselenelvian's dll and explorer addons packs in the windows unattended setup too. "I'll be back"

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