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A "Generic" bitmap style


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Here's a little idea I recently had.

In the new xpize 5 release 4, I see that there're many "styles" to choose from (and I like the idea). So, I was thinking of a "generic" style which can be suitable for many Visual Styles.

I'm thinking of bitmaps with the same icons, but with a white background. As the default background in wizards is white, i think this can fit well with the overall style of the windows. And it is suitable for third party Visual Styles.

I would like to do the work, but I don't have the original icons for each bitmap.

I did a couple of examples (note that they're not actually patched, they're only edited pictures):


(I used WereWolf's control panel icon on DeviantArt to make this example)


I haven't thought yet about a generic msgina.dll or a generic logonui.exe because I have no idea of how they could be...


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I'm currently working on it: I made, so far, 27 BMPs.

Now I'm going on holiday for 10 days but when I come back I'll finish the work (hoping that Release 6 won't come out before).

You're wasting your time ;) xpize dynamically generates those bitmaps during installation using an image composition expression like:


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Oh well... I didn't know that. And, to be honest, I was not sure I could finish them.

So the only thing which has to be done is to use a blank background...

You spared me a lot of work XD

Well, I would like to see this in next release, but do as you like. ;)

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