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Where is 961373 suppose to go?


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I am using the new beta HFSLIP v1.79L and all updates were applied except 961373 which is a DirectX hotfix. I have it in the HF folder. Is that correct or should it be in HFSVCPACK or HFSVCPACK_SW1?

Thanks for your time.

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WindowsXP-KB961373-x86-ENU.exe should be in the HF folder. After running the script, you should have quartz.dll version 6.5.2600.5731 in the sourcess\i386 folder (compressed). After installation, the same file should be in the system32 folder. If that's not happening for you, you probably have a corrupted hotfix & you should re-download it.

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Thanks for the reply tommyp.

I failed to mention I am using Win2000. Would your solution still apply? I checked the quartz.dll file in my ssource folder and it is v6.5.1.902.

What am I doing wrong?

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Thanks, tommyp!!

Tested beta M this AM and worked like a charm. No Updates missed.

Appreciate all the hard work you do. You guys amaze me with your knowledge.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

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