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Non-English Paint95.exe on W95


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Hello everybody!

When you install Office97, it brings new file filters to W95, which allow many applications to read and write images (among others) in formats that didn't exist before. Typically, Jpg and Png and some more are added to Bmp.

MsPaint.exe has a bug on W95 and crashes when one tries to use these formats brought by Office97.

This is solved by a patch from MS called Paint95.exe, which brings MsPaint.exe v5.0.1523.1 which uses the added file formats properly. Nice, fine.

Except that I found Paint95.exe only in English, and then all its user interface speaks English, which is a bit inelegant on my computer and quite annoying for some relatives of mine.

So does anyone:

- Know if the patch, Paint95.exe, ever had translated versions?

- Knows where to find a French Paint95.exe or a French MsPaint.exe v5.0.1523.1?

- Have a French one in a desk drawer...?

Thanks a lot!

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