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Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview


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Arguably excluding Windows, Office is one of the most used products to ever emerge from Microsoft. On that note, i am very pleased to tell you all that you can now sign up for the Microsoft Office 2010 technical preview over Here.

While there are only limited invitations, there is always the possibility you could be one of the lucky individuals to get the opportunity to test drive the latest incarnation of the worlds most popular Office Suite.

In it's formative stages, Office 2007 already looked promising, with sensible changes in the way we navigate applications which in some environments are unavoidable. Microsoft sought to improve it's UI and accessibility without alienating the most experienced Microsoft Office user. A formidable task, one i believe they managed.

If you fancy getting your hands a little dirty, and enjoy trying new products then this is an ideal opportunity not to be missed. That said, if all goes to plan then Office 2010 should be available to all by Summer!

For more information visit the Microsoft Office 2010 IT Blog. Should you wish to waste some valuable seconds of your life, Watch this short Office 2010 trailer.

Good luck!

Source: WInxperts.net

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cool, I've already signed up, but I couldn't wait, so I downloaded XD

It's very nice, looks faster than Office 2K7 and you can generate pdf's directly from them, like Word, Excel, etc. Looks very interesting.

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There are definitely great benefits to the added feature of saving in different file format vs. the older version although some of the visual navigation is frustrating for me personally, other than that I think overall it is a big improvement all around with styles formatting options etc

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