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Long Long Time Ago...


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"We're sticking to our schedule for an RTW version around mid-October, 2008"

Adapted from "xpize 5 One Month Away"

Over half a year...xpize 5 final has NOT yet finished publishing...

Who expect this new version needs so long long time to be released?

Can anyone give us the reason?

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"How dare you guys fail to freely volunteer your talent for me! I demand an explanation as to why you've not met your deadlines!"

C'mon dude. There's no need to be so abrasive here. He'll get to it when his schedule allows it.

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that thing called life must have gotten in the way

Yeah, I've got end-of-year exams starting on the 14th of May going on until early June, and ge this: I get exams on Saturday now. Evil.

As for the next xpize 5 beta.... tomorrow :) I've got a few things left to wrap up. Yes, tomorrow.

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