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Backup for 2003 server


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I have some clients that I am looking to move from tape backup to disk backup. Clients have backup exec software. Does anyone have any suggestions as to an external hdd I can backup to? It can be network or attached to the server. I do not want to use usb due to speed. Also price is an issue due to they are a non-profit.

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I've done both where I work and both of them have their pluses. Network attached you plug in and your done. Server attached you could backup to tape afterward to ensure the backup is complete. When it comes to something like this I say weigh out your pricing options and go from there.

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I would just use DriveImage and backup the Windows partition to second D partition of the main HDD.

Easy to do over the net in terminal, DriveImage run in widnows, configure, reboot, backup, reboot and here you go - the file is where you tell it to be. Burn on CD/DVD and system partition is backed and no external HDD is required. Very cheap way. However this way has also limits, like you cannot backup big partition to small, there has to be space for the backup file, etc, etc, etc.

But you cannot beat the price :hello:

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Old post... but I have the same question: I'd like to run a scheduled backup from my Windows 2003 Server onto an external HDD.

Any suggestions re hardware? I see that most commerically available externals are not supported by 2003 Server.

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