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Read/write LINUX filesystem (ext4) under XP?


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hmmm... in that case I'm out of ideas, you can probably get away with only giving the afforementioned VM a minimal amount of resources if all else fails. I'll keep an eye on this thread as it sounds like quite a curious issue..

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Read is one thing and Read/Write is another.

Ext4 Fs is - up to a certain point - "forward compatible" with Ext2 and Ext3:


and as such, ext2fsd should be able to Read it with no problems:


As well, "trivial" write operation such as updating a small text file should be possible, as well as copying one at the time files, I wouldn't set a paging file on a ext4 partition, nor use multithreaded apps to write to the filesystem.

Basically you will access the ext4 as it was an ext2 FS:



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Thanks for the link but it's not ext4 that is to blame according to his writings. Users can fix this by adding a flag to their /etc/fstab entry for the affected partitions. (Can't find the link but if you're really interested, google it).

UPDATE: it's the mballoc flag.

See this link for more.

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