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Windows Vista, Service Pack 2! :ph34r:


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Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 = RTM ! Build 6.0.6002.17506

Windows6.0-KB948465-X64.6.0.6002.17506 : 733.MB

Windows6.0-KB948465-X86.6.0.6002.17506 : 458.MB

and another version for server's....


Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 Requires Sp1 installed duo to windows 2008 !. :thumbup


Fight Against Forces Of Evil IMF !


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first use proper Englisch!

Next, you can't use vLite to slipstream Vista/Server 20008 Sp2. Follow this guide to integrate the Sp2:


Proper Englisch :realmad: ?? ...... **** ****! :angry:

second for people like you :wacko:



Think and say it . not behind the scene :whistle:

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why do you post Windows 7 Builds into this topic?

becouse when the build is going up with the current build of sp2 before the new 7 build

that means that sp2 is going UP

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Well bilow, you haven't got the warmest welcome...sorry.

But you never insult MagicAndre1981 man. He's possibly THE most helpful person around here. Not good.


Its something between him and me. Lets just say i ''dissed'' him

and neither from you a warm welcome :(

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Hi Kelsenellenelvian, MagicAndre1981 & MPalmz:

does anybody know what bilow's problem is and why he's mentioning about the non-final Vista SP2 pack?

personally I'd avoid obtaining it. the "real" Vista SP2 will be released sometime in late May or June which will have a newer build number than the one he mentioned.

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Now SP2 RTM is finally released and i would like to know how to extract and slipstream it into my Vista because Microsoft said it will be possible with SP2 when SP1 was released.

Windows Vista SP2 got RTMed at last

WAVE 0 (english, japanese, spanish, german and french)

BUILD: 6002.18005.090410-1830

FILE: Windows6.0-KB948465-X64.exe

SIZE: 605,410,472 bytes

CRC32: 1737E14D

MD5: A3BCB1FFDB366397FA5FAB0898EB098D

SHA-1: BE8D74ADC029FA7350FC1F0D32BEF853C0519A92


BUILD: 6002.18005.090410-1830

FILE: Windows6.0-KB948465-X86.exe

SIZE: 365,230,920 bytes

CRC32: 3368C777

MD5: C9394FD32DB15619328AF4FF0315750A

SHA-1: 106C0484D7449CC4B70353C21D0C0D63E4BA66C3

WAVE 1 (italian, russian, dutch and simplified chinese)

BUILD: 6002.18005.090410-1830

FILE: Windows6.0-KB948465-X86.exe - RTM SP2 for Vista and Server 2008 x86

SIZE: 498,781,016 bytes

CRC32: 8D07A886

MD5: cad218b99fc301836e385049c75f5eaf

SHA-1: 7f8aa802e157282d84cf47950281de53a8c26f22


BUILD: 6002.18005.090410-1830

FILE: Windows6.0-KB948465-X64.exe - RTM SP2 for Vista and Server 2008 x64

SIZE: 781,893,560 bytes

CRC32: 19C1676E

MD5: db35df98ae5a6fd085386580a6ee8b55

SHA-1: f0e46deb7734b8ed277b0cf2304ee2babc4d9b1c

any suggestions? :unsure:

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@ DeepBlue2000

that´s the reason, why i asked. i think somehow you have to extract the SP2.exe to integrate the result as a hotfix and maybe also a language file. i tried it with winrar but that didn´t work.

the IE8 for example i extracted with winrar and after integrated it with vlite 1.2 together with a original german lang pack for vista SP1 (because the german lang file from IE8 was not integratable into a german vista) into a english vista64 sp1 gold image and threw out everything i wanted with vlite like ever before and the result was magic. at the moment i have the fastest vitsa and browser ever! :lol:

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