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[SOLVED] USBstick take letter D and not U


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I am still not convinced that the hash is actually CRC32, plus the string must be converted to unicode.

Look at the HASH_UNICODE_STRING macro posted above, it differs from any other macros I saw for creating CRC32 hash.

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About Unicode:

Since the original text is "plain" it should be simply that "normal" text, with 00's as separators, see here:


Input in "Mixed Input"

Check output as "Hexadecimal code points"

But there are endless types of encding that can be called "UNICODE"....

There are several CRC32 conventions:


Now which CRC-32 is used?

And is it to be applied on a file containing the hex values? Or to what?

And WHICH "Unicode" are we talking about?



on a .txt file containing "plain" "USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_LEXAR&PROD_JD_LIGHTNING_II&REV_1100\AA04015900000158&0":

	  0001 0203 0405 0607 0809 0A0B 0C0D 0E0F - 0123456789ABCDEF
0x00: 5553 4253 544F 525C 4449 534B 2656 454E - USBSTOR\DISK&VEN
0x10: 5F4C 4558 4152 2650 524F 445F 4A44 5F4C - _LEXAR&PROD_JD_L
0x20: 4947 4854 4E49 4E47 5F49 4926 5245 565F - IGHTNING_II&REV_
0x30: 3131 3030 5C41 4130 3430 3135 3930 3030 - 1100\AA040159000
0x40: 3030 3135 3826 30 - 00158&0

, I get: (rehash -none -crc32 originalascii.txt )

CRC-32	   : BAA13B1F

if I use this:



As follows:

uniconv ASCII originalascii.txt Unicode11:big-endian test.txt

getting a file in UNICODE as described before:

	  0001 0203 0405 0607 0809 0A0B 0C0D 0E0F - 0123456789ABCDEF
0x00: 0055 0053 0042 0053 0054 004F 0052 005C - .U.S.B.S.T.O.R.\
0x10: 0044 0049 0053 004B 0026 0056 0045 004E - .D.I.S.K.&.V.E.N
0x20: 005F 004C 0045 0058 0041 0052 0026 0050 - ._.L.E.X.A.R.&.P
0x30: 0052 004F 0044 005F 004A 0044 005F 004C - .R.O.D._.J.D._.L
0x40: 0049 0047 0048 0054 004E 0049 004E 0047 - .I.G.H.T.N.I.N.G
0x50: 005F 0049 0049 0026 0052 0045 0056 005F - ._.I.I.&.R.E.V._
0x60: 0031 0031 0030 0030 005C 0041 0041 0030 - .\.A.A.0
0x70: 0034 0030 0031 0035 0039 0030 0030 0030 - .
0x80: 0030 0030 0031 0035 0038 0026 0030 - .

I get:

CRC-32	   : 28FD18C3

If I do it via batch:

FOR %%A IN (
Arabic ASCII big-endian Big5 BMP ChineseAutoDetect
CNS-11643 CNS-11643-1986 cp1251 cp1252 cp437 cp850 cp932
ISO-2022-JP ISO-2022-KR ISOLatinCyrillic JapaneseAutoDetect
Java JIS_X0201 JIS_X_0208 KoreanAutoDetect Latin1 Latin2
Latin3 Latin4 Latin5 Latin6 little-endian Shift-JIS Thai
UCS2 Unicode11:big-endian Unicode11:BOM:big-endian
Unicode11:BOM:Java Unicode11:BOM:little-endian
Unicode11:BOM:UCS2 Unicode11:BOM:UTF7 Unicode11:BOM:UTF8
Unicode11:Java Unicode11:little-endian Unicode11:UCS2
Unicode11:UTF7 Unicode11:UTF8 Unicode20:BOM:Java
Unicode20:BOM:UTF7 Unicode20:BOM:UTF8 Unicode20:little-endian
Unicode20:UCS2 UTF7 UTF8
) DO (
ECHO %%A>>result.txt
uniconv ASCII originalascii.txt %%A test.txt
rehash -none -crc32 test.txt>>result.txt

with ALL available formats in UNICONV, I cannot find ANYTHING similar to "16f722a4" :w00t:

NOT even changing:

rehash -none -crc32 test.txt>>result.txt


rehash test.txt>>result.txt

(i.e. using ALL hashing algorithms in rehash) :blink:



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Try reading the code in post #90, that's the function, which produces the hash. I couldn't get a chance yet to attempt to understand it and create similar code in AutoIt for example.

From what I understood in this matter, that function is far from any famous CRC32 calculation algorithm, even different than RtlComputeCrc32 function, which ReactOS uses and is present in NTDLL.DLL too.

Attached is a program, made by someone else, while we tested hash calculation. 2k button uses Win 2K ParentID prefix hash calculation. It may become handy for someone.


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Try reading the code in post #90, that's the function, which produces the hash.

Yep. :)

What I was trying indirectly to confirm is that the above hash calculation is NOT a CRC32 one:

If there is anyone interested- here is the code in C, which calculates CRC32 hash:


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