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I'm reluctant to renew my subscription to PC World.

The April edition of PC World is more like a fat

pamphlet than a magazine. The same thing happened

to PC Magazine before it stopped publishing.

My feelings about online publishing were neither positive

or negative. I had never heard of Zino Reader until PC

Magazine quit. Think of how strange this proprietary

ZNO format really is. Since the invention of the printing

press us humans have purchased all kinds of printed

documents. If I allowed several others to read my

newspaper or magazine was I committing a crime?

The first "real" job my father had was selling advertising

for several trade magazines. The rates they charged

were often based on something called the "multiplier

effect." If one issue of Time or Newsweek is read by 50

people rather than 5, they can charge more for the

advertising. Why should it be any different with an

online publication?

Once you pay for a subscription to an online magazine

it should not be restricted or controlled. For years I've

had a magazine rack in my office. Should I have installed

the equivalent of a gumball coin collecting machine

before my clients could read a magazine?

Is PC World about to be converted into another ZNO file?

If it is, I want to know before I renew my subscription.

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I know what you mean about worrying about a magazine and it not being printed anymore. Recently (well maybe around last year) Ram (Reseller Advocate Magazine) went online only as well. I didn't actually pay for it, but I liked to read it. I am not as interested in reading magazines or newspapers online. I maybe look at one article online and then that is it. With a paper magazine, I'd actually spend more time with it, read more articles, etc.

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Hey there, I read Australian PC User and have for a long time. I have noticed it as not being as good quality anymore and by the time it is printed it is out of date! Still a good mag for the informative articles and great game reviews though. Plus it come with a free DVD of software but I don't usually use the software on it. Your choice. Maybe check out some other magazines too.

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Obviously, they don't want you to cancel or not renew your

subscription. The final printed edition of PC Magazine was a

complete surprise to me. There may have been info on numerous

sites that PC Magazine was about to quit publishing. I didn't

come across anything until the last editorial said "goodbye and

have a nice day!"

There are ways to use some of the better screen capture software

to convert these ZNO files to PDF. Its a tedious process.

Its almost like they want to dump all their loyal readers who

subscribed to these publications for decades.

When a publication is converted to a proprietary ZNO file it becomes

a form of protected software. It is no longer a magazine that makes

its revenue from advertising.

If PC Magazine had been converted to a downloadable PDF file it would

retain loyal customers like me. I don't want to subscribe to any publication

that makes me feel like I've purchased software, instead of a periodical.

Anyway, thanks for your replies, Zenskas and Tripredacus.

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I to gave up on PC Magazine when it went to the 15 page pamphlet, I was just about to start a thread like this one but I guess I will ask the question I have here. Is there any decent PC publications left to subscribe to? I am kinda old school and like to read a magazine for the convenience factor, its hard to kick back in bed or the hot tub with a notebook PC just to read technology news. I also have PC World but I can't see reupping for the small version they are pushing.

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Ah did they decrease their size? I remember them being very large, but if memory serves me right, they were mostly ads. There are a lot less print adders than there used to be. Grow with the times I guess.

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I always buy PC World's english edition here in Mexico but they are selling it very expensive compared to the Mexican edition, which costs about 1/3 of the english edition.

I find hard to read newspapers and magazine online. I prefer to read printed versions, as one here said it is easier to read more articles, news, etc...

I don't know what will happen with PC World, but hopefully they will remain making printed versions.

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