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  1. GPT Disk Question

    Hi all I have a GPT protected disk from my laptop that I want to scan for viruses, I usually just put it in my desktop but with this new Windows 8 pc I have the disk manager in my Windows 7 64 bit machine is asking me to initialize the disk to either MBR or GPT. If I initialize the disk on my Windows 7 desktop with GPT will I be able to boot from it when I reinstall it in my Windows 8 laptop?
  2. Is this legal

    In my experience all you have to do is install with a OEM copy of Windows and see if it activates if it does no problem. Even if you call MS they are pretty lenient just tell them you changed out a motherboard and they will set you up with activation. You can only try.
  3. Windows XP Product Key Question

    Let me clarify, it is a retail upgrade version. I am not sure if someone has it on their PC and I don't want to try and activate it, it could deactivate someone else's computer. I would like to know if the key is in use and if there is a way to check with Microsoft before I go using it or selling it.
  4. Is this legal

    I bought a hard drive for my laptop C600 from a guy who had a C610 because his motherboard went out. The harddrive had WinXP pro on there along with a legit product key from dell. That hard drive has lost its life. I still have a copy of the key but no disk. How can I go about using WinXP Pro. I believe he's not using the key because he upgraded to vista or 7 which ever. Sorry for Double posting please delete one. Thank you As long as he isn't using it you can get a Windows XP Pro install disk from a friend and try reinstalling it. At worst you will have to call Microsoft and they will activate it for you.
  5. Windows XP Product Key Question

    Hi all, I was cleaning out some software and found a Windows XP Home Edition Disc and Product Key in the packaging. I do a fair amount of computer repair, setups and installs. I am not sure where the disc came from ( I hope it doesn't belong to someone that I did repair for) which brings me to the question I have. Is there anyway to check a Product Key to see if it is activated and in use? I would like to be able to install or sell this treasure if it is clean. If not I guess I will err on the side of caution and get rid of the Product Key. I hope this question is okay with the mods. I am not looking to pirate or steal anything just looking for a way to see if the Key is able to checked.
  6. Download Contains Errors

    For some reason I didn't receive your email maybe it got bounced back to you I have another addy to try if you want, once again I downloaded it from your site and its still a no go
  7. Download Contains Errors

    Winrar is still giving me errors sorry to be a pain here is the list. Edited out the whole list, I got the point.
  8. Download Contains Errors

    Thank You I haven't opened it and my antivirus says its clean lol. I will download it later from you and let you know.
  9. When I open the download from your site Winrar pops up a box informing me there are 415 errors is this going to effect the operation of the program. I am new to this and I am looking forward to using your program. I can paste in the errors if you so desire.
  10. PC World

    I to gave up on PC Magazine when it went to the 15 page pamphlet, I was just about to start a thread like this one but I guess I will ask the question I have here. Is there any decent PC publications left to subscribe to? I am kinda old school and like to read a magazine for the convenience factor, its hard to kick back in bed or the hot tub with a notebook PC just to read technology news. I also have PC World but I can't see reupping for the small version they are pushing.
  11. which is the best ide dvd drive

    The Sony AD7200AOB is a Lite On rebranded drive. I have used Lite On for years and not had any problems with them. They are a little loud but it never bothered me much. I like the Samung drives, but I have to admit I have never owned an LG so I don't know what to say about them.
  12. Hello Everyone

    Hey guys and gals I joined recently after reading your boards for a few years, this is a great community to find info on anything tech related. Keep up the great work. Rich