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How to easily integrate Internet Explorer 8 with nLite


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Do you want to know how to easily integrate the final version of IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) with nLite? You've come to the right place.

1. Download the IE8 addon here:


2. Insert the addon file you downloaded into the hotfixes page of nLite.

3. Run the nLite process and enjoy.

note: there's no need to slipstream IE7 first, this works fine without it. Also, I highly recommend that you slipstream XP SP3 (Service Pack 3) first.

I'm not sure if this works with the x64 version of XP, maybe someone who knows can post a comment.

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Hi Ted,

i'm struggling so much to integrate IE8 in my nLite CD. I tried everything with this addon: put it at the top, bottom, chonological date in the hotfix list in nLite but the addon does not work: it makes the usual rebooting loop after the 1st restart during the XP install.

i used a Win XP pro SP3 CD to create my nLite CD.

do you have any ideas about hos to solve this issue?

i just want to make a XP CD which install IE8... that's it!

Thx in advance


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adrienports, please attach your LastSession.ini, as it could be something else, not this add-on causing the loop. There are plenty of other add-ons, like HERE, HERE or you can even make your own HERE by integrating all IE8 hotfixes into your add-on (I tried it successfully). For a list of high-priority hotfixes, see -X-'s webpage

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TedJBrown, not knowing anything about the AddOn you recommend and having good ones available in these forums, I doubt the moderators would be interested in making yours a sticky.

TedJbrown hasn't posted since 8 months. :D

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