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Will you update or clean install Windows 7 RC/RTM

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If you have an MSDN or Technet subscription does that mean <snip>
It means you have to pay MS for a subscription. This is "just" a free forum.

re - the Topic

+1 For clean installs if at all possible. (keyword "clean")

-1 (for same) - dang it, ya hafta set up everything all over again and transfer all your files.

Still, clean is the bestestest. :thumbup

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well you can probably tell from the fact i did not know what it is that i don't have it if its not part of here, and I'm new here so i don't know what it all is. :blushing:

as for needing to reload all your programs and settings ?? well i don't have any installed now ?? except what came with this thing, most of which seem to be 60 day trial versions. i have a few games installed and will be installing works 2003 at some point. but figure i will wait till i get the rest figured out.

so will i be doing a bad thing to go to win7 ??

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I always use a clean install. It takes me 2 hours to install everything (including the OS) but I can spare that much time.

Windows 7 build 7057 is now "available". It expires on march the 1st 2010. ;)

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Updating from various Windows 7 builds is fully possible and rather painless (what I've done since I got the PDC x64 build). It will probably leave some small bits of beta junk around, but is easier to do than reinstalling everything (curse Adobe and their insane installer). Moving from Vista to 7 should be pretty easy too, due to them being rather close in design. I'd not upgrade from XP, if only due to the minefield of incompatible drivers and such.

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having no luck finding access to win.7 :unsure:

spent the day at a coffee shop to have high speed access to the net, but only found one option for win.7 and it was fallowed by a slew of warnings about fake versions that were Trojan or other problematic things like that.

why would some one think its funny to crash one one else's computer, especially people u don't know. i mean i know a few people i wouldn't mind getting back at, but even for them crashing a computer is a bit drastic. :wacko:

oh well i guess I'll just have to trudge along in Vista :blink:

thanks for the help all


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