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Web pages load slow


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Ok... I have a friend who has internet access from a local ISP here.

Usually, it works at 200 - 300 k/sec real download.

But for a couple of days, it has been working very slowly...

That is, the webpages load slowly (or even don't load at all - they get timed out). But P2P applications like StrongDC++, torrents and messenger transfers work great.

Even if a page does load, and he manages to click a download link in one of those pages, the download works great 200-300 k/sec.

I told him to go tell the ISP what is happening, and here is what they told him:

It's bad, the same thing happened to another person who has internet from them. It seems that a virus has infected his computer, a virus that not even symantec, nod32, or kaspersky can detect, and that he should immediatly format his entire HDD (delete all partitions), and remove his battery from the motherboard, wait 10 minutes, then put the battery back in, and then reinstall windows.

A virus that can't be detected and makes your pages load slow? I kinda doubt that.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Or is this just bull**** from the ISP?

PS: He uses Windows XP 32 bit and ESET Smart security 3

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I have booted Ubuntu 7.10 from DVD (haven't installed it) and I configured the internet connection.

The patitions aren't even mounted. And the Internet still works as bad as it did before.

Being saturday, the ISP left early and now there will be noone there until monday.

My friend still would't get off my back until I did what they said. I erased all partitions, rewritten the MBR, powered off, removed the battery, waited 10 minutes, plugged everything back in, reinstalled Windows XP.

After Windows finished installing, I didn't even install drivers, I configured the internet connection, connected, and what do you know... same story... After I installed the drivers I tried again... still nothing.

I'm sure they told him the first thing that came into their minds to make him waste an entire day, so they shouldn't have to work on saturday.

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It sounds like a DNS problem, try the openDNS DNS servers, here are 2,

go to start/control panel/network connections then dbclcik on your active network connection

then choose properties, dbclcik on internet protocol(tcp/ip) then click the "use the following dns server" and add those 2 above DNS ip in there....

note this is for win xp, vista is ultimately the same process although i cant remember if it the same way to get to the tcp/ip proerties i think it is.

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Thanks for the help rv31, but this didn't do the trick...

I used those DNS servers but the problem still didn't go away.

It must be a problem from the ISP that can only be fixed by them.

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Well, it surely was the ISPs fault. Today, the problem was finally fixed.

He has such a bad ISP... he should only pay for 3 weeks a month. If you add up the downtime, I think he is offline almost 1 week per month.

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