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Resourcer 0.8 Beta


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I'm inching closer to a release date for the beta.

Now I've reached a fork in the road: will the beta testers be interested in having the uninstallation feature done for the first beta?

I'm being serious and honest about me getting a beta out by the end of this week, but it would be missing a few things people might want, like the ability to uninstall (and don't worry, this uses a proper uninstallation feature and not the hackish version in xpize 4.x)

The beta will also miss out things like Luna Blue and Luna Element. The resource set I'm working with is based off XPize 4.6 (not 4.7). I'll recreate 4.7's new resources later on though in time for the big five-point-oh

Certain other things like the configuration of filetype icons will also be absent. So in this regard it's more of a late-alpha or early-beta than a proper beta (so it's certainly not an RC build either).

So basically... would you guys like it sooner with less features, or later with more?

As an aside, Zedox, author of "XPize Darkside" says he can be reached through this forum. I'd like to know how Zedox would feel if I came out with my own black variant. I inherited all the necessary files from XPero so there's no technical reason I can't.

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W3bbo, you could release one without an uninstaller, and put a note with it.

Suggest for people to test it virtualbox or something

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Say bledd (or anyone else who'se willing, has a good voice and a microphone), can you do me a favour to post a tutorial screencast vid to Youtube or something? I noticed ResHacker has a good few tutorial videos explaining how to use it, I feel Resourcer could do with the same coverage :) Just do a screencast with a voiceover explaining what it does, how to use it, and do something cool with it, like changing the images in logonui.exe or or some control panel wizard's images.

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Thanks Dooby, I've just PM'd him.

...and here's another update:

I've just pushed up Anolis.Resourcer 0.8.2, this features the long-awaited command-line argument feature (there you go, bledd). All that's left for 0.8.5 are some more minor features I'm sure everyone can wait until later.

0.8.2 will probably have more undiscovered bugs, so if everyone could test it to destruction that'd be great.

Here's the link: http://anolis.codeplex.com/Release/Project...ReleaseId=24489

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