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  1. hood

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    installation procces make by default restore point so it's the right way 2 remove XPize by turn system 2 previous state (it's named Anolis installation or something like that)
  2. hood

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    as i understand after release of XPixe will be continued work on Vize wich use Anolis engine.
  3. hood

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    for Vista exist Vize by author of XPize
  4. i don't think that it right to waste time to translate software such XPize to another language coz people who's wanna make with Windows some transformation do understand what they'll do. right? and if kids wanna make these transformation that is mean that they understand what they do. i think so. how it be in english - you can't stay face to anyone?
  5. hood

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    sorry for offtop but... in present days in UK people still using dial-up? unbelievable sad =( dear W3bbo. it's great that you're worried about reducing the size of the package. but many people download and install a much more extensive packages (for example Vistamizer etc. or MS Service Packs).
  6. hood

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    i have a BSOD 2 times after install ((( What's that? An installation of mine went by without problems? I think you're in the wrong parallel universe, hood. People complain about my software erasing their harddrives and sacrificing their kittens to the elder-god Cthulhu almost every day via the contact form on my website. yeah i mean that - without problems. t think that people that complain u have wrong pair of hand in they body and sick state of mind. btw thanx great Cthulhu )
  7. hood

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    thanx a lot. install w/o problem. i think i would be good if u add in release of XPize some thin styles 4 netbook support.
  8. hood

    Yer beta

    so project is dead again?
  9. hood

    nLite compatibility?

    me too interested in integration XPize into theWinXP distributive
  10. hood

    Yer beta

    oh yeah, i've get through install process correctly. i c graphics changes ))) thank u W3bbo. waiting 4 real beta
  11. hood

    Yer beta

    the same problem as other fellow - no graphics resources after install. and i had to edit package.xml to remove entry with ctfmon.exe and whole section of realteck to avoid errors during install.
  12. hood

    Yer beta

    I'm afraid not, that's how Codeplex works. Are you using some kind of script blocker? **** myself - it's blocked by avast script blocker. thank u for advise. i'm goin' test ur job...
  13. hood

    Yer beta

    i can't download from codeplex site - the page is only refresh and thats all. i try in IE, Chrome, Opera (incl. AC). can you put it without using thus @#$% java scripts?
  14. hood

    Resourcer 0.8 Beta

    it would be good 2 read any news about da project
  15. it seems that u r right & it's so simple thanx a lot, john!

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