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[Release] Notepad2 (32/64-bit)

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2009-07-06 (

  • Updated Notepad2 to 4.0.22-beta2 (see the official Notepad2 changelog for what's new in 4.0.22-beta2)
  • Updated Scintilla to 1.79
  • Sibling fold operations (Shift-Fold) will now scroll to the fold point from which the command was initated
  • Revamped the ASCII Art (NFO) file support so that it works at the encoding level instead of the rendering level, thus ensuring semantic correctness as well as allowing the use of better fonts

The x64 addon's INI file has also been corrected; thanks, 5eraph.

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2009-07-11 (

  • Updated Notepad2 to 4.0.22-beta3 (see the official Notepad2 changelog for what's new in 4.0.22-beta3)
  • The ANSI Art style overrides are once again in a separate scheme so that they can be manually selected and so that they are more discoverable; the auto-detection and auto-selection from is still in place
  • The caret (or the folded section containing the caret) will now be scrolled into view after a Toggle All Folds command
  • Added new keyboard commands to toggle fold points and navigate a document with fold points, using mnemonics analogous to those used to control tree lists (see the code folding documentation for more details)
  • A few of the message box icons have been changed from the warning icon to a more neutral info icon

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2009-07-17 (

  • Updated Notepad2 to 4.0.22-beta4 (see the official Notepad2 changelog for what's new in 4.0.22-beta4)
  • Added syntax highlighting support for Tcl
  • The option to open NFO files in the OEM code page has been changed so that it will open NFO files in the DOS-437 code page if the default OEM code page for your locale is not DOS-437
  • Consolidated some of the style rules in cases where the separation offers little or no benefit (e.g., instead of separate styles for the three different ways to write a Pascal comment, there is now a single style)
  • Ctrl-Alt-Right on an expanded fold point will now expand all of its descendants (this used to work only if the fold point was folded); this fix also applies to Ctrl-Alt-Left, though that is a less common use case

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