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  1. The x64 addon's INI file has also been corrected; thanks, 5eraph.
  2. It's fine; I wasn't sure if that was a serious question, so I decided that an elaboration was the safer route.
  3. Why anybody would delete a file while they were verifying it Well, that was just an example; there are countless other scenarios that might crop up. For example, a stuff on a shared network drive might be deleted or moved by other users, or the network itself might fail for some reason. A user might forget that there's a file hashing operation going on and unplug a USB drive containing the files halfway through. Etc. There are just too many possibilities of stuff that might go wrong, and that's what "unreadable" is.
  4. You can get "unreadable" in other ways, too, though they are probably not as common as "missing". Try verifying a big file, and in the middle of that long process, delete the file and see what happens. Or try taking away the read permissions of a file before trying to verify it.
  5. In alphabetical order: DOM Inspector Duplicate Tab Flashblock * IE View Lite NoRedirect * QuickDrag * SubmitToTab * URL Flipper * = Most frequently used
  6. Since the maker of that German build does not provide the source code (these are source patches), your only option is to extract the string table resource from the German build (you must un-UPX it first) and manually replace the string table in the patched English build. You must also match the versions when you do this (e.g., the strings from the 3.0.20 German version can only be used in the 3.0.20 English version).
  7. Red's page explains what it is: it's an optional set of runtimes that you can install if you are also installing .NET. .NET applications that need the DXfMC runtimes are very rare, and DXfMC has been more or less deprecated by Microsoft, so if you don't know if you need it, then you probably don't need it. Red offers DXfMC for people who like to be "complete", and I don't offer DXfMC because I avoid .NET like the plague.
  8. No, just none that have been posted in this forum. See this or this for an updated version.
  9. Erm, you should read the post and the changelog more carefully, since it is clearly specified that it is based on RC4. You will also notice that all "official" builds by Florian use only a 3-digit version scheme; the 4th digit is omitted (and always 0). The custom builds make use of this 4th unused digit to differentiate between iterations and are unrelated to the RC numbers. Version should thus be read as "the 5th custom build to be based on the 3.1.21 code base"; the version number itself has nothing to do with and is unrelated to RC. Please refer to the full changelog for more details about what is actually in each build.
  10. 1. Copy the MD5 provided to the clipboard 2. Download the file 3. Right-click on the downloaded file and select Properties 4. Click on Checksums tab 5. Paste the hash into the Find box; if it matches, the hash will be highlighted, and if it doesn't, it will tell you that it can't find the string Same number of steps. Okay, so there's an extra click and a paste, but you get a lot more flexibility and functionality with HashCheck, like being able to create and open .sfv/.md5 files. And as a bonus, it's much faster and smaller, too.
  11. Use the /quiet switch. If you look at the addon's .ini file, you'll see the /quiet switch; I also mentioned this on my page and in the changelog. There wasn't any point in continuing to support a fully-silent installer when the regular installer can be made silent with just a switch. (The automated build process still generates a fully silent installer and that installer is still being posted on my site if you want to grab it by manually playing with the URL, but I no longer test/verify/support it.)
  12. New version: (based on 3.1.21-rc3) Well, I guess I ended up doing a build based on RC3 after all. If you work with Unix-style scripts, then you'll want to update to because this version contains a fix for a regression of the content auto-detection used for extensionless Unix-style scripts (though the fact that nobody noticed this feature broke in the 3.1.21.* versions suggests that this is probably not a problem for most of you), and this version also contains the latest Scintilla, which includes a couple of very minor upstream fixes for the Perl and Bash lexers.
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