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  1. Excellent! Looking forward to test it.
  2. Excellent work, mate. This is simply one of my highest rated addons, a real gem. Thanks and thanks again!
  3. Your continous and steady output is impressive as well as much appreciated. I have a humble little request: Virtualbox 2.2.4 is out, any possibility of an addon? I tried myself, but the lack of ordinary silent switches quickly exposed my lack of cyber-wizardry. link for your convenience: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
  4. Gompedyret

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    Just to clarify, I really meant nothing else than what Ricktendo said. Sorry for clumsy wording! No integration with nlite is necessary, as long as one is able to give the resulting i386 a proper xpize treatment. I used the 4.7 for a couple of XP images I did a time ago and it really made the icing on the cake. Patching the I386 instead of installing some transformation pack afterward is also very preferable.
  5. Gompedyret

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    Seems great, but alas, I'm on sp2 right now. I did'nt dare to continue, but reckon this one can't be used to "xpize-ify" an nLited windows install. Is this correct, and would the next beta eventually give this opportunity?
  6. My wxperiences with 3244: 1. Started with a fresh SP2 Win Pro. Integrated with SP3 3244, used one single addon and a few drivers and a quite conservative nLite scheme. Plenty of RunOnceEx progs, though, the standard collection actually. Mase ISO and ran in vmWare. Result: file copying was hardly started before there was an error (sorry, no screenshot). Stranded there. 2. Tried same thing, only with a fresh SP1 this time. Things worked much better now. The install went fine and my RunOnceEx list was visible (hey, that's not common with me ). Then, trouble. Restarted after runonceex was done, a
  7. I want too! 1. Winamp 2. DC++ 3. utorrent 4. Adobe Photoshop CS3 5. Firefox 6. Foxit Reader 7. XnView 8. Mp3 Tag Studio 9. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 10. Windows Media Player 6.41 + K-lite codec pack 11. Ccleaner 12. ESET NOD32 antivirus 13. Chameleon Clock 3.5 14. Infrarecorder 15. Directory Opus 16. Dreamweaver 17. PowerISO 18. Winrar 3.7 19. Filetargets 1.41 20. Notepad2 Where there's no version number the latest one is given. I haven't counted stuff like java, quicktime alternative and directx.
  8. Good spot! But I'm a bit puzzled, as to why it is like that. Those are defaults from nLite, I didn't touch them. How come temp_dir ends up without "" while the other ones do? I'll make a new nlited installation and deliberately put "" around both to experiment.
  9. This is how it looks. In nLite I set up an administrator account called Kent, to be automatically logged in every time windows starts. All is well and everything works as it should EXCEPT during the first login, just before the RunOnceEx session. It might even be caused by some of the first program installs in RunOnceEx, but I don't think that. The first programs are like Soundblaster live driver, fliqlo screensaver and Civilization 2. So, any obvious wrongs that you can see or suggest? Here's the last_session.ini if some of you would be kind enough to ponder on it. [Main] Env = 1.4 - 2.0.507
  10. Hi, guys. I have a small collection of old games which is installed with my customized windows. Examples of these are Slam! (pic in the bottom) and Colonization. The problem is that as soon I conjure up a menu from these games (either from the menu bars directly or by right-clicking) the game just exits. Sometimes I can get the glimpse of an error message, but I'm nowhere near being able to study it. Recently I got the bright idea to use CamStudio to record such an incident and finally the error was "caught on tape" (Pic below) As you can see, there's nothing special, just the standard "some
  11. Good work, mate. Even found a useful answer here myself.
  12. I'm not certain of any rules about this, but here's the logic as I see it: If you want to be read by as many as possible (very useful when you ask for help) you should write in the language most people here use, IOW English. As for your other question, take a look here: Unattended Windows guide
  13. In my experience deleting Luna is a no go even if you turn off file protection. I tried it and ended up with bluescreen. Definitively not worth it since there is no problem in just keeping the folder where it is. If you want to get rid of it, you should do it before you install windows, e.g. in nLite.
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