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  1. The x64 addon's INI file has also been corrected; thanks, 5eraph.
  2. It's fine; I wasn't sure if that was a serious question, so I decided that an elaboration was the safer route.
  3. Why anybody would delete a file while they were verifying it Well, that was just an example; there are countless other scenarios that might crop up. For example, a stuff on a shared network drive might be deleted or moved by other users, or the network itself might fail for some reason. A user might forget that there's a file hashing operation going on and unplug a USB drive containing the files halfway through. Etc. There are just too many possibilities of stuff that might go wrong, and that's what "unreadable" is.
  4. You can get "unreadable" in other ways, too, though they are probably not as common as "missing". Try verifying a big file, and in the middle of that long process, delete the file and see what happens. Or try taking away the read permissions of a file before trying to verify it.
  5. In alphabetical order: DOM Inspector Duplicate Tab Flashblock * IE View Lite NoRedirect * QuickDrag * SubmitToTab * URL Flipper * = Most frequently used

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