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New version of Nlite


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As soon as you donate a lot of money to nuhi.

Seriously though this question gets asked ALL the time and please remember we develop these apps for free and are not paid on a regular basis.

For as far as I know he got tired of all of the problems and people asking and demading a newer version. His profile says he is "On vacation"

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We don't really need any new version of nLite, as nLite is by far the most advanced and best working xLite tool to date.

What we need is getting vLite becoming better, it's nowhere near the current state of nLite yet!

Nuhi should also consider starting to work on a 7Lite for Win7!

I don't really see the point of working on nLite as it's more or less complete as it is (at least compared to vLite) as well as WinXP getting old! Unless there are some really critical bugs with nLite I don't see any point of wasting any more time on this tool

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