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purpose of HFSLIP


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I am new to the forum so forgive my ignorance. The HFSLIP seems very intriguing but I wanted to determine the main purpose of the program. Is it for creating new installs? or for updating computers?

I am not a big fan of windows update, or genuine advantage validation. I have had issues with it in the past telling me a valid install was not valid. If I could automate a manual update without the Microsoft Genuine advantage It would be great.

So... whats the main purpose of HFSLIP?

Can it update machines over a network or?

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It's a time saver, how long does it take you to install windows and then run windows updates to get it completely up-to-date?

With HFSLIP you run it once, and when windows is installed it will be as up-to-date with however many updates you "slipstreamed" into it.

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