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You guys are so LAZY!

Dumpy Dooby

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I'm kidding. The excitement of the upcoming version 5 has me all giddy like a school girl.

I've been an avid user of Xpize since its inception. I've tried other resource replacement packs, and none of them manage to cut the mustard. This one is, hands down, the best. I'm just a lowly fan checking in to say thanks to you fine folks that have taken on the task of continuing this project. Thanks a bunch fellas. Looking forward to the next release.

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lol -- (please at least write JK on the thread title, I thought you were going to start a flame war...)

Thanks for the good words ;) . W3bbo is the main (and only) coder here, and has been working hard on the project. (I'm only a coordinator... I hope I don't annoy him much).

A little update:: Since W3bbo is writing in accordance to the Win32API, he has been able to get Adding working perfectly, perhaps better than ResHacker and better than XN Resource Editor. (But still, please note that the software is still in development and that there will still be necessary testing-- I hope you will help ;) .)

In the coming months, W3bbo will have an awesome and presentable version to us to play with. And I hope to get some documentation (and packaging and resources) out by the time final is released. And since its open source... Who knows what will happen to Anolis'/ xpize/ Vize futures?

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