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Network and Sharing Center: The Page failed to load


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I've worked on this for 8+ hours, and read the topic about the same thing from here, but i still cant figure out what's wrong! Could someone take a look at my settings and tell which/what are the ones causing my problems? I think I've narrowed it down to System-category, but I can't find any clues as to what would be screwing up my installation. It can be some other than System-category though, I'm not 100% sure. Vista Ultimate x64, last session.ini attached.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I've found the culprit category, and that is Network. One or more of these is breaking the network sharing center:

Connect to a Network Projector

File and printer sharing (Server)

Internet Explorer

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Remote Desktop and Assistance

Remote Desktop Client

RIP Listener

Telnet Client

Telnet Server

TFTP Client

Windows Collaboration

Windows Mail


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File and printer sharing (Server) is needed.

Indeed. I wouldn't ever remove File and Printer Sharing, or IE for that matter. F & P Sharing is a must keep though, and IE is just too integrated. Have you guys looked at Randomness's guide?


El Barry, are you really a Schizophrenic whore?

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Hi there.

I'm having the same problem with Vista Ultimate 32 Bit. I'm trying right now to leave the whole Network section as it is. I've saved Printer Sharing using Compatibility. Let's see what happens.

EDIT: It is not Network, therefore it's either something in system or services.

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