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  1. Hello everyone . I have a little problem here: I can't open any folder that I share over the network. I can see the folders but I can't open them! I'm thinking a service is not running and is required, but I really don't know which one. Could it be SSDP Discovery? Any help is appreciated. Last_Session.ini
  2. On the integration page; where you integrate the hotfixes.
  3. So you just add the msu to vlite and IE 8 will be integrated? The tutorial on IEBlog is not needed then?
  4. Why do you need to slipstream these drivers? You don't need them for the detection of the drive if you are in IDE mode in the BIOS. If you are in AHCI mode, you just need to NOT check the Intel drivers. Anyway, if you still want to slipstream the drivers, go there: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Des...p;DwnldID=16026 In any case, vLite will NOT integrate the drivers into textmode.
  5. Hahaha, I had a good laugh! (the answer is no)
  6. File and printer sharing (Server) is needed.
  7. As far as I know, you can remove all the components the the DVD drives would still work. The only thing I can think about is if your drives are connected on the SATA ports and the BIOS is configured in AHCI or RAID; still, I am configured as AHCI and never had a problem with my drive. For WMP, you must have it installed for WMV playback.
  8. Add /extreme to your shortcut.
  9. El Barry

    Lan Drivers

    Can you install the driver manually via the inf in the device manager?
  10. Never remove files in the winsxs folder. Some of the files in there are critical files that can make you system to not work, especially the folders starting with "amd64" (since you have Vista x64). For you information, the term "amd64" is just a generic name to express the extension x64 (Intel AND AMD). It was named amd64 because it was first AMD that put 64bit CPUs onto the market.
  11. The sleep issue you're having is probably due to a device that is allowed to wake the computer. To see the devices that can wake, run this command in the cmd windows: powercfg -devicequery wake_armed After that, you can uncheck "Allow this device to wake the computer" in the Device Manager.
  12. I was afraid of that. Oh well, will rebuild another iso and reinstall again.
  13. Can you, BAchManiac, or anyone else upload these two files? BTW, thanks! EDIT: Do I have to do something else after putting the two files? I rebooted and it doesn't work with the two files.
  14. El Barry

    vLite Problem

    Do you have .NET 2.0 installed? This error appears when .NET framework is not installed.

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