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WPI Classc for Legacy OS'es!

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As much as I like Freeware/Opensource, Commercial programs (if properly licensed) cannot be in any way considered to be NOT "LEGAL", even *hinting* it seems to me inappropriate.

It may be not the "smartest" (economically speaking) choice, but it's a choice, valid as any other one.

On the other hand, particularly, installing .NET and paint.NET on 9x/Me seems to me "queer". :unsure:


Maybe something that you might try for the %~dp0 (UNTESTED by me :ph34r:) is the almost-like-NT command processor for 9x/Me:




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Thank you for saying it for us, jaclaz!

Personally I have 2 versions of Nero that came with my DVD burners, so why should I install a second-hand dodgy application ('ve read some reviews around) instead?

As for Paint.NET... I remember I once tried it and did something bad to my system - either crashes or GDI leaks, something like that. Plus being hungry for resources, I'd say that one is a no-no, unless run on a powerful system. PaintShop Pro 7 ran just fine on my old 200MHz/64MB RAM Pentium I.

All in all, the applications to install can be customized at will, so let's not argue on that. What we need here is the main script running flawlessly on the target systems so please, anybody interested do post bug reports and improvement ideas.

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Paint.NET is just another project by a programmer who wants really bad to be noticed and get a job with M$, showing off the features of NET framework.

This kind of graphics editor/viewer program can very well be programmed in C++, MFC or even VB or Borland [depending on what features you want], there is no need for any1 to install 20+ MB of NET APIs [and a load of bug-fixes afterwards] just to run Paint.NET and eventually a handful of other NET programs.

One can even use Sun's Java [free, open source] to program platform independent complex software, take for example OpenOffice and Vuze [formerly known as Azureus], also free(ware).

As far as graphics editors/viewers are concerned, please compare with Irfan View, the best one around [among free(ware) anyway].

This only happens because M$ chose NET as *the* solution for the "better" programming of tomorrow, at the expense of loading more unnecessary "bloat" upon users' computers.


Did you notice how long it takes to install NET 2.0 on Win98 SE [1.4 GHz P3 CPU]? At least 5 minutes... and guess why? because of bazillion of redundant checks, folders, files [and temporary install folders + files] and registry entries.


About Nero:

I'm using Nero 7 [in XP SP3 = came with a DVD burner I bought], and as far as I'm concerned, it is the best CD/DVD burning tool around [commercial :(].

Haven't tried newer builds.

And you're right, no need to spend money on another burner program, there are so many free(ware) out there.

Best wishes.

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Just went to your: "Welcome to the WPI Classic Homepage!"

"WPI Classic is targeted towards legacy operating systems such as Windows 98 and ME.

(It still works on the new OS's too!)".

Question 1:

Why the reference to Windows XP?

"... While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, ..."

Question 2:

RE: "WPI also and is commonly used added to your windows installation disks. This way you can automate the complete process of Windows and program installations."

I don't get the meaning of those two sentences. A verb after "WPI also ..." seems to be missing.

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I appearantly need to do more work on the homepage.

WPI was MAINLY developed for XP era installs.

WPIC is a shoot off project that I have been devoting some spare time too.

Ignore the XP reference (Even though WPIC works fine on XP)

And remove the "also and" words.

Edited by Kelsenellenelvian
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Your "Changelog Page":

"Version 2 - (November 21st, 2009)...

Version 2 - (October 11th, 2009)

Major updates in this one.

WPIC Now has an official .exe launcher! (Update your scripts to match!) (Francesco)

WPI.hta is NO LONGER used to launch WPIC. Use WPI.exe."

Your "Help Page":

"How to program WPI for an application install:

Run WPI.hta and select the Config button. You will now be redirected to the Config Wizard."

Which one is correct?

The link (in the same Help Page):

"To find the switch(s) for the most common apps you can use the Universal Silent Switch Finder from HERE...."

doesn't work (This page cannot be found)

Edited by Sound Lover
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