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Windows Movie Maker for Windows 98


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Recently, I found a stable version of Windows Movie Maker from Windows Me, that can possibly run on Windows 98. I have tested it successfully on Windows 98 and as far as I can see, the only requirement is that you install Windows Media Player 7 or higher.

Now, I've packed it to "Build 1" of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 98, basically the default Windows Me Movie Maker ported to Windows 98. It isn't actually a build, but you can expect some improvements for the next build.


  • It's very light, it doesn't contain the Tour, so you will get an error on the first run informing you that "tour.hta" is not present.
  • It contains Help file which is copied to the proper location, so the Help is functional.
  • It will be copied to %windir%WMM so you'll have to drag a shortcut to the desktop.


  • I've read that you don't need anything to run it, but to actually save the video, you will need Windows Media Player 7 or higher installed (as on Windows Me).

No screenshot, this is all temporary, but still functional.


WMM for Windows 98 Build 1 ~ 1.6MB @ SkyDrive

Official Topic of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 98

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If windows media player codec are installed then will it still be necessary to install windows media player 7 for it to export files.

You don't need the WM7x Player to run Moviemaker, the 6.4 one ( the classic one ) is enough to resolve the dependencies of MMaker 1.x,

you must have the wma/wmv codecs installed , just use the wm9codecs from Microsofts website and it will work as they are backwards compatible.

By the way for Win2000:

the Millennium MMaker runs also in all its glory under Windows 2000, just copy the complete programs->Movie Maker folder from ME over to 2000, register the dlls and ready to go.

And Win2000 has no WMplayer 7.x per default.

Another hint for XP :

the downloadable Moviemaker 2.6 for Vista installs and runs in XP and Server03, if you edit the msi with orca ( NT600 replace with NT 501 ).

All above was tested by me .

I love Moviemaker :thumbup

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