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7.2.0 Buglist...

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OK post them here.

wpi.hta works very nice over a UNC networkpath now, except for 2 warnings "Could not save ./WPIScripts/useroptions.js" and "Could not save ./WPIScripts/windowsoptions.js"

For the rest, no strange things to report, except a real pleasure while using WPI 7.2 ... :thumbup

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By default I don't check any applications and disable the timer - but when I start WPI after XP-Install I set the command-line arguments check=default timer=300.

If I use this commands an my hdd-WPI it works - if I use them on CD they will be ignored. :-(


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Using the Exit button in the lower-right of the Config or Options windows will not load my config file again once they are closed. However, if I select Config to exit Config or Options to exit Options, it will re-load the config file.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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WPI v7.2.1 on Windows XP Pro 32-bit

Using LoadDesktopBeforeInstall=false and running a {REBOOT} cmd, WPI will exit and the machine will reboot, but I receive an error during startup:


Windows cannot find '%windir%\system32\mshta.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.


This is related to installer.js line 187 and line 193.

It seems the correct syntax is to use double slashes, like ... %windir%\\system32\\mshta.exe ...

Otherwise I'd get a similar error but something weird like %windir\%system32\mshta.exe

Anyways, if I comment out those lines and then uncomment the lines above them lines, everything works as expected.

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Yeah, I made some updates that were complete, started that section, forgot about it, uploaded the new fixes, and well, errors.

Download a new copy or just reverse the commented lines for now. 7.2.2 will be out soon.

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Hello guys,

is there a way to check the registry for a binary (hex) value?

For instance to check if windows start and exit sounds are disabled:


Above code tests for a string value, while it should test entries like the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; removed start and exit sounds





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Everything I have always gotten as a return/check value is binary. You could try RegKeyValue(...)=="0x00000019" which is 25 binary. The binary equivilant is in parenthesis (25) next to the hex value.

Don't use quotes when checking a number.

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I updated WPI to 7.2.0 from the previous version (I have 148 items).

When I add or remove an item in the Config window and press Save button, the Selected item and the Item's config do not match.


I added a new app: CCleaner then pressed Save button

Now If I select the CCleaner from the list I get an another program's name, desc, etc. (Usually I get the last program's settings) I have to reopen the config windows, then it's working.

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