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Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like some tips and suggestions, please.

I have a dream :whistle: of being able to find and backup my mailboxes in OutlookExpress with a single .cmd file.

The problem is that the absolute place changes with each installation so my batch script has to be able to find the right location and copy all DBX-files within that folder - and paste them to a folder on another disk and overwrite the old backup.

Can this be done with a batch script or do I have to enter the Autoit-jungle?

Big thanx in advance

/SwedenXP B)

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Sure it can be done in batch.

A basic batch to backup the folders is here:


(but it needs you to supply the source)

But with some info from here:


it should just be a matter of querying the Registry to get the path, i.e. doing from batch what is suggested to be done manually here:


Or maybe freebies like these are what you want:





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@jaclaz thanx for good advise - and good links!

But of course I have some questions.

I like the old-fashioned method :sneaky:

I take the basic batch that You recommended + a correct path... but how to find that path?

Would it not be easier to search for a .dbx file - find it and set that directory as source?

But I do not know how to do such a search...


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You can use reg.exe from batch, then parse it's output, here are a couple examples:


Read these also:




Open a command prompt and run in it:

reg query "HKCU\Identities"


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