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When I plug in USB stick windows ask for SP3 CD


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Might be Portable audio.

Remember these things are very hardware individual dependent, some sounds cards will provide 100% their own drivers, some might not, just saying sound cards coz i was thinking of USB Audio, and i have a usb soundcard that works without those drivers (usb audio in my case).

Removable Storage is for Tape drives etc.

Disable or remove RS service and start NT Backup and it will tell you that RS service doesnt exist but that NT backup still can backup to other media other then tape drives etc.

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I think I may have solved this problem but seem to have a similar problem...

Cat files are kept!

The problem I am having tends to disturb my unattended setup, when I am running some silent installers once Windows has booted a driver must be installed and then I get a popup saying windows needs to restart yes or restart later. This use to not happen so a component removed must be causing this.

Also when a mouse driver has been installed at a later date I will get a "found new hardware wizard" now it will automatically find the driver but why does this happen ??

My last session is above!

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