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  1. Wait, do you mean nLite? I don't understand what you mean. I tried jaclaz's command and I still get the error. So it's just not working how it should or I'm going crazy. nLite can burn the CDs for you Just tell it to at the end :3
  2. Dont remove "Removable Storage" -- thats the drivers for mass storage devices :3
  3. That'd be a tricky one... you'd need DODWipe or DHDW. I'd really try a healthy combination of Billix (a free light linux distro and loader for several tools such as MemTest86) and an nLited install of XP
  4. ... And is there a reason to not use the default, built in options? it tells you the command line you're using.
  5. ... Let nLite make the ISO for you Under the options, there's a selection for "Bootable ISO" -- simply wait to press the "Make ISO" button if you have to change things/add things by hand. I've had too much coffee
  6. TTBOMK, they're already perfectly silent, so you can add them directly to the hotfixes. they'll be added right to the list of addons and integrated at install time.
  7. I'd narrow the problems down to a certain set of addons -- there's an AVG8 installer somewherere around here (I'd make an appointment with mr. Goog L E Search. above and ask him about the problems with those addons) Nero has always been a prat. Plain and simple. there's a thread somewhere around here for doing Nero and such. But thanks for posting the info about your nLite config. Everything seems kosher with that. I'd check your addons. (read for the classic forum-er rant.) On another front, no you cant make the installers just wait for the user input after windows has installed. This would mean modifying the installers. Many of them in fact bubble up for user input _before_ they've even installed and some even come up for air after they've started the installer process. Its just how they are. Have you also tested them in some kind of Virtualized environment? I'd suggest for a fast and free one, try Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 -- it can handle most installs nicely. If you want more control and dont mind a large download, try Sun's xVM VirtualBox. http://www.sun.com/virtualbox for more info.
  8. thats your problem.. RE-install disks just dont cut it because they've been custom tailored I assumed you were using a normal OEM install disk -- one that was made for OEMs
  9. Is it a stock source? ---------- It is a OEM version, if that is what you are asking. --> OK, at least its not a reinstall disk Do you have any additions installed? ---------- No additions, I have added a batch file to the root of the CD. --> What are the contents of this CD? are you removing anything? ---------- Is there something I shouldnt remove? --> Some things can cause system instability if you dont have at least _some_ of them (things like a few graphics drivers and other hardware) do you get a "boot from CD" prompt? ---------- Yes, I am able to install just fine, its once the installation is complete the preceding boot goes into a loop or rebooting. --> sounds like XP is hanging on some kind of stuck driver... have you confirmed that the source will install correctly? ---------- Yes, I have used the source disc to successfully install XP. --> This means the source disk isnt broken. have you considered that you deleted something you shouldn't have? ---------- Yes, but it is not obvious to me that one of the items that I am selecting not to have installed would prevent boot. --> Again, some things can make the system unstable in the real world have you attempted booting it in safe mode? ---------- Yes, I can boot into safe mode. --> Means a driver is broken somewhere or something is missing that the system expects for a normal startup. I'd try doing the nLitenment again, basing it off the OEM disk and wiping the old nLited version. there is an option called "safe" in the Components selection dialog. its next to the tray button, under "presets->Load"... this is a safe way to slim down your install without making life crazed.
  10. there's an older topic on this. It basically revolves around using it for personal use only keeps neui from being sued out his ars* to mars by a large corperation because they used nLited installations. It also revolves around the fact that nLite DESTROYS the EULA in so many ways that it basically can kill your windows liscense in large corps.
  11. Is it a stock source? Do you have any additions installed? are you removing anything? do you get a "boot from CD" prompt? have you confirmed that the source will install correctly? have you considered that you deleted something you shouldn't have? have you attempted booting it in safe mode?
  12. Bump+updated. This IS a win32 GUI app -- if you want to you can read the source from the first link Its all in form1.vb BrowserBoxes by the way are a cheap little hack to get a cheap file browsers. Because i couldnt find one in .NET already. I cant read info about the executable yet but all you _really_ need for a basic installer is the name, filename of the installer and its switches. The generator takes care of the rest. I havent added MSI support yet because of some various problems with MSIEXEC.
  13. Figured it out you should download the Post-SP3 Update Pack from the first mirror. its gonna be a 7z file. open nLite, follow SOP and add that 7z file to it. I had no problem... check that you downloaded the right file. WARNING! !!! I haven't actually tested the RVM-Update Pack-SP3! the problem was not being able to add it to the Addons page! RTFM for help! http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/nlite.html for instructions!!! !!!
  14. try extracting the update pack -- there's a 99% chance it doesnt have an entries.ini file associated with it. Which update pack are you trying to use? links please?
  15. indrora

    Help! nlite

    one: Yes you can. All you have to do is set those in the unattended Options dialog. Its not at FirstBoot its all in the installation stuff -- quite literally a modified installer to put whatever you want on it. nLite quite literally modifies the installation before its been installed. Second+third: 90% of all installers have some form of "silent" installation -- a way of installing without any user interaction. Some installations require whats known as an "answer file" -- a file they go to for information about the installer. Your best bet is to look in the sub-forum of nLite with the addons in it. Think of it this way: Windows XP is a car. nLite is a tool to make that car look as cool as you want and take out all the features you dont need and add the features you want. Hows that?
  16. ohci1394.sys is Firewire stuff... Make sure you have Firewire for the EEE900 -- a few devices on its mobo use FireWire IEEE1394 like protocols, so they classify as FW devices. I'd also include the FireWire networking. Its only 1mb i belive so it shouldnt take too much space. If space is an issue you can always get a bigger drive -- power consumption will go up a bit but you can get slow 300gb drives
  17. I got this after having an SP2 install (though i dont know about SP3) where i integrated some security patches after i installed IE7 and WMP11... I'd do the security patches as my favorite OEM (Alienware) does them: a very carefully done RunOnce Command script.
  18. Might i ask how SP3 was slipstreamed in? Did you use an addon pack? Are you using a language OTHER than english? I slipstreamed the english SP3 installer into and SP2 install disk no problem. nLite handled it like a charm. I'd make sure you've got SP1 AND sp2 before slipping SP3 into the mix. Also, try a perfectly stock XP install (no addons, drivers, options etc) with SP3 slipstreamed in and see if its a driver conflict. As for the fact its an AMD, I cant help. I'm running an intel and I'm testing on VMs anyway
  19. I acctually have to re-do the algorythm because I went to do some testing and it wouldnt work! turns out I was sending the executable to the copy maneuver and not the 7z archive -- oops... The usage is 99% idenctical to the old one -- Select a file to add to the installer, say what it needs to be run with and tell it go, tell it where you want it and it churns out a silent installer for use in nLite environments. Its not perfect (it shows a console window if you dont do it right) -- I've uploaded a new version with a drop down box for an unimplimented compression amount for 7zip. Sorry about the non-functionality! I'm just now testing an install of universal extractor and ExplorerXP -- and they seem to have installed perfectly. Here's my directory for them right now: http://sonof.bandit.name/files/?dir=nLite%20Addons
  20. indrora

    Password Encyption

    Upon some basic exploration, i cant find anything to set that. I've even tried making nLite do it with an addon, and it still doesnt like me. The only suggestion i can make is to make whatever changes you want to make, then edit the file by hand setting "EncryptedAdminPassword" to "yes" then running nLite again with the only option being "Burn/Create ISO" -- this wont touch your WINNT.SIF file because only the "Unattended" page does that. After that i cant help And please, pardon for the rudeness earlier
  21. Not a lot for me to say... My name is morgan or indrora, depending on the context. I work under the name of Unknown software. That came as a joke long ago because people didnt understand my tools. I've come here to help support nLite, and support my little tool the nLite Addon Generator (a replacement for ViruallTek's trojan'd Addon Maker.) B) No further statement shall be made on that from me now will it :3
  22. indrora

    Password Encyption

    I'd create a package that overwrites the winnt.sif file on disk, as nLite handles addons last i belive. Either that or make a winnt.sif file, bootstrap it somehow into the OS during the hotfix installation time and go. Hotfixes are installed _after_ the OS is installed and before OOBE is run. Also, I'd check the file before you make statements. You may be wrong :3
  23. Hi all! I'm brand spanking new out of the gate so here i go! I've been using nLite for a little while now and i'm getting ready to do an install where i need to install a metric tonne of drivers, where the drivers are all in installers encrypted in more installers. sounds pretty elaborate. Those i have a plan for (Can you say "Modified 7zip installer"?) Others i cant fathom doing by hand, such as CS3, as they require a set of registry keys beforehand. I've tried bootstrappers and they dont work, so i came up with my own! I present, the Unknown Software nLite Addon Generator! Its mostly efficient, meaning 99% of it is just writing text files and spawning off other processes and waiting. Its written in VB.NET. This is built for the .NET framework 3.5, as to take advantage of certain functions (like *cough*utf-8 encoding*cough*) that are nessesary for building the package. My basic idea was that i create a bootstrapper (much like msiexec but simpler) and that would fire off regedit and such. no bacon. I could only get 1(one) copy of the bootstrapper to copy over so i came up with a new idea: Make them look like real hotfixes! The dissection of a hotfix was a file that kicked off another installer after unpacking itself and running some auxiliary commands. So I went and found something that could do that: The 7zip installer! I came accross this site in fact as i was looking for that installer to make life easier. This Post led me to get it, use the LZMA compressor and use it as the stub. I decided i needed a unique name for the file. NL was obvious as a prefix because its nLite, but what about the name itself? bingo! i can get a very nice fast and easy number from the .NET framework by asking for the hash of the name! Of course, i wasnt going to hide this from the creator so i added the "unique" input -- you can change the "unique" name however you want now. Its auto-generated when you change the name but its a simple hack. I've tested this pretty well i think, and it should handle the UTF-8 names of files. Download sauce: nLite_addon_maker.7z built with Visual Studio 2008 Pro (though it should work fine with the express editions of VB.NET) If you _just_want to mess with the tool and not mess with the source: nLite_addon_maker_bin.7z Edit: I take my statement back, i checked the executable for Carnifica's VirtuallTek addon maker and yes it was just a UPX packed AutoIt script. I'm sorry

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