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  1. You can find a couple .NET AIO addons over at RyanVM forum
  2. Yeah the winnt.sif way = http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/34/ I actually started off using this method... it has been a long time since them but I think I abandoned that method purely because it was not reliable + I could pack the drivers into 7z archive for a lot smaller installation going the DPs BASE way over at driverpacks.net With my new UMPC I just used nLite to inegrate the drivers because I only had 2 drivers. I would suggest the user try both methods because one might be unsuccessful! PS. just forgot, what I meant about silent installers was that Sony has applications not drivers which cannot be installed via any driver mothod ie like camera software or external button software.
  3. Well I know my Sony UX uses a lot of driver and applications provided by Sony, all of these are repacked by Sony to have model checks, this may be the case for your laptop. My suggestion learn how to make a driverpack from www.driverpacks.net and then for the rest of the applications from Sony that need to be installed you can unpack them and find the appropriate switched to install them silent ( I just repacked all mine into switchless silent installers ) this way you get a unattended install, kinda like your own home made restore CD but without all the bloat these large company's pack into these rather large DVD's. Again I would suggest learning how to find switches to make your installers silent, lots of info here at MSFN and am sure folks can help you out if you get stuck....
  4. I think I may have solved this problem but seem to have a similar problem... Cat files are kept! The problem I am having tends to disturb my unattended setup, when I am running some silent installers once Windows has booted a driver must be installed and then I get a popup saying windows needs to restart yes or restart later. This use to not happen so a component removed must be causing this. Also when a mouse driver has been installed at a later date I will get a "found new hardware wizard" now it will automatically find the driver but why does this happen ?? My last session is above!
  5. Yeah I just tried it and I still get the pop up asking for driver
  6. It also says that it will not effect USB drives ?? Anyhow I will try it!
  7. Does anyone know the component in nLite which has removed the drivers for USB Sticks etc ? When I plug it in Windows asks for SP3 CD for drivers... See my last session below! Last_Session.ini
  8. COKEDUDEUSF, This project has been abandoned a long time ago now, I have posted all the software, link above Sorry don't have latest version maybe someone can post that.
  9. I don't see a last session file posted ?
  10. I am now missing this folder and my BT Toshiba is looking for drivers in that location, I know in previous installs that folder was still there. Anyone know what component deletes this folder ?
  11. Still not working, maybe could someone look at my last session ? [Main] Env = 1.4.5 - 2.0.50727.1433.Microsoft Windows NT 5.2.3790 Service Pack 2 Target = Windows XP Professional SP3 - 5.1.2600.5512 - English (United States) [Tasks] Service Pack Integration Remove Components Unattended Setup Integrate Drivers Hotfixes and Update Packs Tweaks Create a Bootable ISO Options [Components] ;# Applications # Briefcase Charmap ClipBook Viewer Defragmenter Games Internet Games NT Backup Pinball Screensavers WordPad ;# Drivers # Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Cameras and Camcorders Display Adapters Display Adapters (old) Ethernet (LAN) IBM PS/2 TrackPoint IBM ThinkPad ISDN Logitech WingMan Microsoft SideWinder Modems Multifunctional Portable Audio Printers Scanners SCSI/RAID Serial Pen Tablet Sony Jog Dial Sound Controllers Tape drives Toshiba DVD decoder card Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) ;# Hardware Support # ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller ALI IDE Controller ATM Support CMD PCI IDE Controller CPU AMD CPU Transmeta Crusoe Floppy Support Gravis Digital GamePort IEEE 1284.4 devices (Dot4) Intel PCI IDE Controller Iomega Zip drive Modem Support Multi-port serial adapters Multi-Processor Support Ramdisk Smart Cards Toshiba PCI IDE Controller VIA PCI IDE Controller Windows CE USB Host Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) ;# Keyboards # Albanian keyboard Arabic (101) keyboard Arabic (102) AZERTY keyboard Arabic (102) keyboard Armenian Eastern keyboard Armenian Western keyboard Azeri Cyrillic keyboard Azeri Latin keyboard Belarusian keyboard Belgian (Comma) keyboard Belgian (Period) keyboard Belgian French keyboard Bengali (Inscript) keyboard Bengali keyboard Bosnian Cyrillic keyboard Bosnian keyboard Bulgarian (Latin) keyboard Bulgarian keyboard Canadian French (Legacy) keyboard Canadian French keyboard Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - NeiMa keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - QuanPin keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - ShuangPin keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - US Keyboard keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - ZhengMa keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Alphanumeric keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Array keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Big5 Code keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - ChangJie keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - DaYi keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - New ChangJie keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - New Phonetic keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Phonetic keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Quick keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Unicode keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - US Keyboard keyboard Croatian keyboard Czech (QWERTY) keyboard Czech keyboard Czech Programmers keyboard Danish keyboard Devanagari - INSCRIPT keyboard Divehi Phonetic keyboard Divehi Typewriter keyboard Dutch keyboard Estonian keyboard Faeroese keyboard Farsi keyboard Finnish keyboard Finnish with Sami keyboard French keyboard FYRO Macedonian keyboard Gaelic keyboard Georgian keyboard German (IBM) keyboard German keyboard Greek (220) keyboard Greek (220) Latin keyboard Greek (319) keyboard Greek (319) Latin keyboard Greek keyboard Greek Latin keyboard Greek Polytonic keyboard Gujarati keyboard Hebrew keyboard Hindi Traditional keyboard Hungarian 101-key keyboard Hungarian keyboard Icelandic keyboard Inuktitut Latin keyboard Irish keyboard Italian (142) keyboard Italian keyboard Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002) keyboard Japanese keyboard Kannada keyboard Kazakh keyboard Korean Input System (IME 2000) keyboard Korean keyboard Kyrgyz Cyrillic keyboard Latin American keyboard Latvian (QWERTY) keyboard Latvian keyboard Lithuanian IBM keyboard Lithuanian keyboard Luxembourgish keyboard Malayalam keyboard Maltese 47-key keyboard Maltese 48-key keyboard Maori keyboard Marathi keyboard Mongolian Cyrillic keyboard Nepali keyboard Norwegian keyboard Norwegian with Sami keyboard Pashto keyboard Polish (214) keyboard Polish (Programmers) keyboard Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT) keyboard Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2) keyboard Portuguese keyboard Punjabi keyboard Romanian keyboard Russian (Typewriter) keyboard Russian keyboard Sami Extended Finland-Sweden keyboard Sami Extended Norway keyboard Serbian (Cyrillic) keyboard Serbian (Latin) keyboard Slovak (QWERTY) keyboard Slovak keyboard Slovenian keyboard Spanish keyboard Spanish Variation keyboard Swedish keyboard Swedish with Sami keyboard Swiss French keyboard Swiss German keyboard Syriac keyboard Syriac Phonetic keyboard Tamil keyboard Tatar keyboard Telugu keyboard Thai Kedmanee (non-ShiftLock) keyboard Thai Kedmanee keyboard Thai Pattachote (non-ShiftLock) keyboard Thai Pattachote keyboard Turkish F keyboard Turkish Q keyboard Ukrainian keyboard United Kingdom Extended keyboard United Kingdom keyboard United States-Dvorak for left hand keyboard United States-Dvorak for right hand keyboard United States-Dvorak keyboard United States-International keyboard Urdu keyboard US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard Vietnamese keyboard ;# Languages # ;Arabic Arabic (Algeria) Arabic (Bahrain) Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Iraq) Arabic (Jordan) Arabic (Kuwait) Arabic (Lebanon) Arabic (Libya) Arabic (Morocco) Arabic (Oman) Arabic (Qatar) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Arabic (Syria) Arabic (Tunisia) Arabic (U.A.E.) Arabic (Yemen) Divehi (Maldives) Pashto Syriac (Syria) Urdu ;Armenian Armenian ;Baltic Estonian Latvian Lithuanian ;Central Europe Albanian Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Croatian Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Czech Hungarian Polish Romanian Serbian (Latin) Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Slovak Slovenian ;Cyrillic Azeri (Cyrillic) Belarusian Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Bulgarian FYRO Macedonian Kazakh Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) Mongolian (Mongolia) Russian Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Tatar Ukrainian Uzbek (Cyrillic) ;Georgian Georgian ;Greek Greek ;Hebrew Hebrew ;Indic Bengali (India) Gujarati (India) Hindi Kannada (India) Konkani Malayalam (India) Marathi Nepali (Nepal) Punjabi (India) Sanskrit Tamil Telugu (India) ;Japanese Japanese ;Korean Korean ;Simplified Chinese Chinese (PRC) Chinese (Singapore) ;Thai Farsi Thai ;Traditional Chinese Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.) Chinese (Macau S.A.R.) Chinese (Taiwan) ;Turkic Azeri (Latin) Turkish Uzbek (Latin) ;Vietnamese Vietnamese ;Western Europe and United States Afrikaans Basque Catalan Danish Dutch (Belgium) Dutch (Netherlands) English (Australia) English (Belize) English (Caribbean) English (Ireland) English (Jamaica) English (New Zealand) English (Philippines) English (South Africa) English (Trinidad) English (United Kingdom) English (Zimbabwe) Faeroese Filipino Finnish French (Belgium) French (Canada) French (France) French (Luxembourg) French (Monaco) French (Switzerland) Frisian Galician (Spain) German (Austria) German (Germany) German (Liechtenstein) German (Luxembourg) German (Switzerland) Icelandic Indonesian Inuktitut (Latin) Irish Italian (Italy) Italian (Switzerland) Luxembourgish Malay (Brunei Darussalam) Malay (Malaysia) Maltese Maori Mapudungun Mohawk Northern Sotho Norwegian (Bokmal) Norwegian (Nynorsk) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Quechua (Bolivia) Quechua (Ecuador) Quechua (Peru) Romansh Sami, Inari (Finland) Sami, Lule (Norway) Sami, Lule (Sweden) Sami, Northern (Finland) Sami, Northern (Norway) Sami, Northern (Sweden) Sami, Skolt (Finland) Sami, Southern (Norway) Sami, Southern (Sweden) Spanish (Argentina) Spanish (Bolivia) Spanish (Chile) Spanish (Colombia) Spanish (Costa Rica) Spanish (Dominican Republic) Spanish (Ecuador) Spanish (El Salvador) Spanish (Guatemala) Spanish (Honduras) Spanish (International Sort) Spanish (Mexico) Spanish (Nicaragua) Spanish (Panama) Spanish (Paraguay) Spanish (Peru) Spanish (Puerto Rico) Spanish (Traditional Sort) Spanish (Uruguay) Spanish (Venezuela) Swahili Swedish Swedish (Finland) Tswana Welsh Xhosa Zulu ;# Multimedia # AOL ART Image Format Support DirectX diagnostic tool Images and Backgrounds Intel Indeo codecs Luna desktop theme Media Center MIDI audio support Mouse Cursors Movie Maker Music Samples Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder Speech Support Tablet PC ;# Network # Active Directory Services Client for Netware Networks Communication tools Comtrol Test Terminal Program Connection Manager FrontPage Extensions Internet Connection Wizard Internet Information Services (IIS) IP Conferencing MAC Bridge MSN Explorer Netmeeting NetShell Cmd-Tool Network Diagnostic Network Monitor Driver and Tools NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol Outlook Express Peer-to-Peer Share Creation Wizard Synchronization Manager TAPI Application Support TCP/IP Version 6 Vector Graphics Rendering (VML) Web Folders Windows Messenger ;# Operating System Options # .NET Framework Administrative Templates Administrator VB scripts Application compatibility patch Auditing Resource Dlls Blaster/Nachi removal tool Certificate Management Color Schemes Command-line tools Desktop Cleanup Wizard Disk and Profile Quota Disk Cleanup Document Templates DR Watson Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97) Extra Fonts FAT to NTFS converter File and Settings Wizard File System Encryption Group Policy Management Console Help and Support Help Engine IExpress Wizard Input Method Editor Jet Database Engine Local Security Settings Manual Install and Upgrade MDAC MS Agent MS XML 2.0 Out of Box Experience (OOBE) Private Character Editor Remote Installation Services (RIS) Search Assistant Security Center Service Pack Messages Shell Media Handler Symbolic Debugger (NTSD) Tour User account pictures Web View Zip Folders ;# Services # Alerter Application Layer Gateway Beep Driver COM+ Distributed Link Tracking Client Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) DNS Client Error Reporting Extensible Authentication Protocol Service Fax Service Health Key and Certificate Management Service HTTP SSL IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service Indexing Service Internet Authentication (IAS) IPSEC Policy Agent Message Queuing (MSMQ) Messenger Net Logon Network Access Protection (NAP) Network DDE Network Location Awareness (NLA) Performance Logs and Alerts Protected Storage QoS RSVP Quality of Service (QoS) Remote Registry Removable Storage RPC Locator Secondary Logon Service Advertising Protocol Simple TCP/IP Services SNMP System Event Notification (SENS) System Monitor System Restore Service Task Scheduler Telnet Text Services Framework Uninterruptible Power Supply Universal Plug and Play Device Host Volume Shadow Copy WebClient Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Windows Time Wired AutoConfig ;# Directories # DOCS SUPPORT VALUEADD ;# Compatibility # DisableDepCheck [KeepFiles] msconfig.exe ipconfig.exe net.exe ping.exe netstat.exe xcopy.exe taskkill.exe hhctrl.ocx wmasf.dll iedkcs32.dll gpedit.msc [RemoveFiles] clock.avi yahoo.bmp swtchbrd.bmp [Options] ClassicSetup BlackSetupBack DisableFreereq DisableMinMem ProfilesDir = "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings" TargetPath = "WINDOWS" temp_dir = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp RemoveMUI AdvTweaks [Patches] TcpIp = 16777215 DoUxTheme DoSFC [Services2] [Tweaks] Boot and Shutdown-Auto-End tasks immediately Boot and Shutdown-Auto-Kill hung applications immediately Boot and Shutdown-Auto-Kill hung services immediately Boot and Shutdown-Disable automatic restart on System Failure Boot and Shutdown-Disable logging on System Failure Boot and Shutdown-Disable saving Last Good state at boot Boot and Shutdown-Do not Parse Autoexec.bat Boot and Shutdown-Logon Page-Welcome screen Boot and Shutdown-Numlock-Off Desktop-Internet Explorer icon-Hide Desktop-My Computer icon-Show Desktop-My Documents icon-Hide Desktop-My Network Places icon-Hide Desktop-Recycle Bin icon-Show Desktop-Wrap icon titles-Enable Explorer-Add 'Command Prompt' to folder context menu Explorer-Associate additional file types with Notepad Explorer-Change Windows Explorer folder view-Details Explorer-Classic Control Panel Explorer-Disable Autorun Explorer-Disable Beep on errors Explorer-Disable Prefix: Shortcut to Explorer-Disable shortcut arrow Explorer-Disable Web Files and Folders connection Explorer-Display the contents of system folders Explorer-Recycle Bin: allow to rename and delete Explorer-Restore previous folder windows at logon Explorer-Show Drive Letters in front of Drive Names Explorer-Show extensions of known file-types Explorer-Show hidden files and folders Explorer-Show Statusbar in all windows Explorer-Show the full path in the Address Bar Explorer-Show the full path in the Title Bar Internet Explorer-Disable Download Complete notification Internet Explorer-Disable information bar when popup is blocked Internet Explorer-Disable Internet Explorer link creation Internet Explorer-Disable Market Place bookmark Internet Explorer-Disable Media Player 6.4 created bookmarks Internet Explorer-Disable Password-Caching Internet Explorer-Disable sound when popup is blocked Internet Explorer-Enable Google URL-Search Internet Explorer-Keep IE URL-History for-10 Days Internet Explorer-Set Homepage-www.google.com Internet Explorer-Set IE-Cache limit to-8 MB Internet Explorer-Set Internet Explorer to accept 10 connects at a time Internet Explorer-Set popup-blocker to high My Computer-Add Administrative Tools My Computer-Add Control Panel My Computer-Add Control Panel to Context Menu My Computer-Add Device Manager to Context Menu My Computer-Add Event Viewer to Context Menu My Computer-Add Registry Editor to Context Menu My Computer-Add Services to Context Menu My Computer-Remove Manage from Context Menu My Computer-Remove Search from Context Menu My Computer-Remove Shared Documents Network-Disable automatic search for network folders and printers Network-Disable restoring mapped network drives on logon Network-Set TCP/IP Priority to 1 Performance-Disable Info Tips on Files and Folders Performance-Disable Last accessed Timestamp on files Performance-Disable Optimize harddisk when idle Performance-Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links Performance-Disable Warn on low disk space Performance-Do not cache thumbnails Performance-Run 16-bit Windows applications in a separate process Performance-Snap mouse-pointer to default button Performance-Use Windows classic folders / No Tasks Sidepanel Privacy-Disable Tracking of most used programs Privacy-Remove Alexa Security-Always show Updates under Software Security-Disable Screensaver Security-Screensaver Password-Protection-Disabled Start Menu-Add Administrative Tools menu Start Menu-Control Panel-Display as a link Start Menu-Disable and remove Documents list from the Start Menu Start Menu-Disable Highlight newly installed programs Start Menu-Hide Search button in Start Panel Start Menu-My Computer-Display as a link Start Menu-My Documents-Display as a link Start Menu-My Music-Don't display this item Start Menu-My Network Places-Don't display this item Start Menu-My Pictures-Don't display this item Start Menu-Network Connections-Link to Network Connections folder Start Menu-Number of programs on Start menu-0 Start Menu-Printers and Faxes-Don't display this item Start Menu-Reduce popup delay Start Menu-Remove Search the Internet from Search Start Menu-Remove Set Program Access and Defaults Start Menu-Remove User name Start Menu-Remove Windows Catalog shortcut Start Menu-Use small icons in Start Panel Taskbar-Disable Balloon Tips Taskbar-Lock the Taskbar-No Visual Effects-Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing-Disable Visual Effects-Display mouse pointer trails-Disable Visual Effects-Show window contents while dragging-Enable Visual Effects-Slide taskbar buttons-Enable Windows Media Player-Accept Privacy Statement Windows Media Player-Disable auto-add music to library Windows Media Player-Disable automatic codec download Windows Media Player-Disable automatic saving of DRM-type music files Windows Media Player-Disable license backup prompt Windows Media Player-Disable metadata retrieval Windows Media Player-Disable MRU Windows Media Player-Disable starting with Media Guide Windows Media Player-Enhanced privacy settings Windows Media Player-Optimize fullscreen mode behavior [Unattended] ComputerType = Automatic AutoLogon = Sony UX LogonCount = 1 FirewallOff OOBEOff CustomLocales Resolution = 1024x600 BitsPerPel = 32 bit (True Color) Vrefresh = 60 Hz DisableSRestore MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 12 RestorePointLife = 30 DesktopTheme = Luna Royale|Luna Royale Black (Compact)|Large Fonts AutoUpdates = 3 AutoUDay = 5 AutoUHour = 15 ProgFilesPath = "\Program Files" [DesktopThemes] F:\SULL'S OS BUILDS\ADD ONS\Themes\Luna Royale\Luna Royale\Luna Royale.msstyles [NetAdapter1] connname = "" macaddress = "" ipaddress = "" subnetmask = "" defaultgateway = "" dnsserver1 = "" dnsserver2 = "" winsserver = "" netbiossetting = "0" ipxnetworknumber = "00000000" ipxnetworkframetype = "0xFF" [NetAdapter2] connname = "" macaddress = "" ipaddress = "" subnetmask = "" defaultgateway = "" dnsserver1 = "" dnsserver2 = "" winsserver = "" netbiossetting = "0" ipxnetworknumber = "00000000" ipxnetworkframetype = "0xFF" [GuiRunOnce] [Drivers] [Hotfixes] Updates Via Windows update are found but fail to install, once ran from the temp folder they install fine...
  12. hmm ok thanks Windows Management Instrumentation is gone, I will try that
  13. Hello, Automatic Windows update is not working, normally when testing in VMWARE I get the update icon in the taskbar listing all the updates, now it does not pop up ... What are all the services needed for automatic updates to work correctly Thanks
  14. Hello, A little late, I actually just started cleaning my old unattended collection and the lastest must have gotten deleted. This is what I have 1. RunOnceEx.exe ( unknown version, may be 1.6 ) 2. RunOnceEx 1.4.exe 3. RunOnceEx 1.5.exe 4. RunOnceExScriptCreator.exe I have put those into a rar archive and you can download here = RubySoftware-all.rar This is abandoned software, I was once given a very good suggestion, instead of this use WPI ( Windows Post Install ) by kel, which is supported at MSFN and WinCert.net, it will do what RunOnceEx can do + a heck of a lot more and is much more customizable. Just my 2 cent
  15. I know how to configure RunOnceEx, I am just using a alternative RunOnceEx made by a member here, that is where I get issues. I started configuring WPI and gonna give that a shot instead of RunOnceEx.
  16. I really should have looked more into WPI earlier, I just want some select apps needed for my Sony to work correctly installed unattended, If I am reading this right WPI can do that for me ? I actually downloaded WPI a while ago and it is sitting in my PROJECTS folder waiting for me to start tinkering with it. thanks for the tip, everyone keeps recommending WPI so I guess I will give it a shot
  17. Hmm, I think it would be safe to say something is up, rubysoftware has not been here since 14th February 2008, maybe hes sick or just abandoning this project. Anyone who wants I can upload v1.6 ( latest ) It also seems I may have to drop this custom RunOnceEx unless I can fix the problem...grrrr
  18. Looks like I found the problem, I watched a little closer when installing... I am using a alternative RunOnceEx a member here at the forum made, well I guess at end it restarts the PC as the standard RunOnceEx does not, the theme is just about to be installed and then it is killed and shutdown, if anyone has any suggestions let me know or I may have to drop this custom RunOnceEx Thanks for the reply
  19. I have been using luna royale as my default theme forever, with SP3 Build 5508 once XP is installed I have classic theme ? I have no idea why this would be happening, I have selected luna royale to be default theme in nLite. Thanks
  20. I do have another question. Can this be ran from RunOnceEx without problems ?
  21. kickarse, Your saying with @, I am not sure if it was doing anything with %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ I was just testing in VMWARE so I cant really say much until I try actually install on my MicroPC.. I just want to limit the amount of times I have to test it.
  22. Can I get the last session.ini please ?
  23. Here is an example. @echo off cmdow @ /HID SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "#1 Sull's Sony UX driver & application solution" /f REG ADD %KEY%\001 /V 1 /D "%SystemDrive%\DPsFnshr.exe" REG ADD %KEY%\001 /V 2 /D "%SystemRoot%\System32\nLite.cmd" REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D ".NET Framework 3.5" /f REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\SOFTWARE\010_DOTNET35-LITE.EXE" /f REG ADD %KEY%\015 /VE /D "FoxIt PDF Reader Pro v2.0 Build 1312" /f REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\SOFTWARE\FOXIT.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\020 /VE /D "uTorrent 1.61 build 490" /f REG ADD %KEY%\020 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\SOFTWARE\UTRRNT.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\020 /V 2 /D "%systemdrive%\CONFIG\PAUSE.exe" REG ADD %KEY%\025 /VE /D "Sygate Pro v5.6 Build 3408" /f REG ADD %KEY%\025 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\SOFTWARE\SGATE.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\027 /VE /D "TeraCopy Pro v2.0b" /f REG ADD %KEY%\027 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\SOFTWARE\TERACOPY.EXE" /f REG ADD %KEY%\028 /VE /D "Quick Batch File Compiler" /f REG ADD %KEY%\028 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\SOFTWARE\QBFCS.EXE" /f EXIT
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