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Two simple issues and you probably know the answers

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Folks, I'd really appreciate it if you could reply with the solution to a couple of issues. I think I've found the solutions in other posts but don't have much time to test. If you've already dealt with them and can copy-paste a solution here I'll be more than happy to award you an "attaboy."

I run WPI over the network after the Desktop loads. The network drive is mapped, IE7 gets installed together with a whole bunch of other essentials, then WPI is called.

1. The first issue occurs if I eject the CD prior to running WPI: I receive a error dialog titled "mshta.exe - No Disk" stating "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive D:." and I need to click "cancel" four times before WPI begins to work over the network. The solution should be a simple path or registry tweak? I must have faced this before and found a fix, but I'll be darned if I can remember it now that I have moved to 7.0 (which, by the way, is jaw-droppingly cool!).

2. Once WPI kicks in, Internet Explorer throws up a dialog box "This page is accessing information that is not under its control. This poses a security risk. Do you want to continue?" I click "yes" and WPI fully loads in all its glory. Again, I'm sure this could be fixed with a simple reg tweak imported prior to running WPI but can't locate the specific entries. Thanks for your help.

Edit: Added exact context of mshta.exe error to help future searchers.

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1 = We have been experiencing this issue lately too. Trying to fix :(

2 = I have yet to see this one but I am pretty sure a simple regtweak would fix it. I would love to fix it immediatly but running a vmtest on this laptop takes over an hour... All I can say is try using regshot to track the before wpi and after wpi registry you should have your answer by then.

(Just run regshot, then wpi. ok the popup then exit wpi and then take a second shot with regshot and caompare the 2)

P.S. Hi m8 hows it goin??

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Thanks, guys, good to know I haven't completely lost my mind. Things are going well, Kel, I have about 90 donated machines to roll out before Tuesday so a little stressed right now, but this too shall pass. :rolleyes: It's not the install that concerns me, it's the condition of the machines: each needs to be set up uniformly and tested (HDD/RAM integrity and such). You'll recall I'm an elementary school computer instructor and little kids don't understand "delays" and other "issues." So it all needs to be working 100% when they walk through the door.

I believe I saw a fix for two in an earlier post and need to experiment with it: a reg fix resetting Internet zone security in IE. Looks like I will need to make time to test, thought someone might have it on the top of their head. Looking forward to 7.1.0, gents. :thumbup

The problem described in one does not occur if the CD remains in the drive, so for now I will kick the CD out after WPI finishes. I'm installing on XP machines.

Much appreciate your feedback, gentlemen.

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Thanks for that, I'll implement it in the next round tomorrow. Strangely, issue one (the mshta.exe error requiring four "cancel" clicks) didn't really show up today even with no CD in the drive . . . only in a few instances.

Edit: Nice, mritter, commenting that line did the trick! As for the mshta.exe error, I'll kick the CD out after the install, no problem.

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