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help, i can't get my Ethernet to work on XP


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hi, i have two computers: one which i am using to write this msg, and one for the "home computer". the computer that i am using has Windows Vista Ultimate x86. the Ethernet worked with no problem on this computer. But, when i insert the Ethernet cable into the other Windows XP Pro computer, it stops at "Renewing your IP Address...", and the internet will not work. anything i'm doing wrong?

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Off-the-wall possibility...

Try turning off/unplugging the Cable/DSL modem (assuming that's what you have and no router) for about 20 seconds, then turn on/plug in.

Not sure why it happens (not an expert by any means), but this has occurred with me before and that's what I did to correct it. It appears to "force" the modem to accept a new NIC with a different MAC address (clears its "brains").

Or... maybe (?) a dirty contact in the other PC's NIC.


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I'd further submix8c and confirm that some cable/dsl modems need to be power cycled before you can't connect to them using another computer because they seem to tie themselves to a PC's MAC Address.

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because they seem to tie themselves to a PC's MAC Address.

Loads of them do (cable modems at least, never had DSL), and unfortunately it sometimes isn't enough to power cycle them (I could power cycle mine a hundreds times, and it still wouldn't hand out an IP to another box). Sometimes you have to ipconfig /release before you unplug the first PC for it to even work with the second (that, or give them a call, wait a half hour online, and get a tech to authorize your new MAC address every single time).

A router would very easily solve this (plug as many PCs in it as you want, no issues whatsoever).

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