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Free Web Filtering Software on all Window Platform


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Okay I have download the Proximitron 4.1 and I have blocked a number of site which is not a problem, what I did pick up was when I block the web site I don't like it keep coming up showing a blank screen and I hate to keep on closing the blank screen which I have blocked.

Can this software Proximitron do a autoweb close when the site is blocked, I hope you understand what I am trying to say MaLuBoB cause your the only person has been using it all the time.

Speaking about the AVG Antivirus which is really good so far and free!

do you have a web site for this information I would like to have a look if you don't mind sharing.

As for Norton Anti Virus it does take up alot of memory from the windows system memory, which worries me sometime when I get a crash.

I do like Norton Anti Virus which is very good and it keeping update all the time on the latest virus update patch, and wondering if AVG Anti Virus does the same thing and not taking up the windows system memory.

Thanks for your time.

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blah.. proximation is a great tool, I had it compiled in a list I made a while ago...but try to maitain it as much as i can...


From now on, lets try not to go away from the original topic. Create a new thread with your new topic.

It just provides an oppurtunity to grab the attention of more users, especially since some users don't bother checking some threads.

I am referring about Anti-Virus discussion.. heck there is even a thread dedicated about AVG:


Also make sure to search the forum ;-)

[b:bd9e8c8cbb]check below for more freeware:[/b:bd9e8c8cbb]

[i:bd9e8c8cbb]try the below site for a few links to various filters.

(a few on blocking cookies)[/i:bd9e8c8cbb]


[i:bd9e8c8cbb]removing ads from websites:(lists a bunch of them)[/i:bd9e8c8cbb]


my admin suggestions are just for the good of all ;-) we can help each other better...

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hey SpeedyPC,

  This is a program I've been using for a year or so now.  it's called The Proxomitron.  http://proxomitron.org/  It has I think all the features you asked for and more.  Let me know if you ever need any help getting it set up.

I second that recommendation. I've been using it for about two years. I get extremely few spam mail. I can block ads and as a result speed up my browsing.

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If your browser is IE or Firefox, you can block ActiveX, JavaScript etc and set basic cookie privacy levels all via the browsers internet control panel.

IE also supports RSACi content filtering which can be password protected against setting tampering. I dont use this myself so I dont know how effective it is, but I have previously used the internet control panel to lock down security in IE.

Browser controls are a good place to start, as sometimes you cant be sure what third party applications are taking control over ;)

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I'm surprised by the fact that this thread has been dead for over 3 years, and someone actually posted in it... and didn't get crap for doing so..... Which is what tends to happen elsewhere. MSFN's forums are great for hosting Win98-topics and such, including nostalgic topics that have been long-since forgotten... ;)

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