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1.2 RC ..... No DRM !


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I'll be popping 1.2RC onto my rig in the next day or so.

All I can say is up until this release, the "considered wisdom" of the so-called Vista elite expert users was that DRM was unremovable / un-turn-off-able ....... and even if it was done, Vista would be unuseable and uninstallable .........now without any fanfare you give us 1.2RC and amongst a pile of other great changes, its in the list.

Dont know if this has been said before but YOU ARE A LEGEND !!!!!

Thanks again nuhi.

Oops .... nearly forgot my question:-

Q):- I know Server 2008 isnt supported [offically] yet, but am I right in saying that Server 2008 has no DRM in it for Vlite to actually remove ?


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DRM crap is buried inside the windows Vista codebase

tiltbits, Hardware scan etc, (read my sig for more details)

i afraid even nuhi cant' remove them all

anyway drm removal from wmp11 is good alleast those ppl using it will not have attack frm wmp11(anyway i never use that crap :P)

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