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Revolutions Pack 8 wishlist!

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Come one, post!!!!

I wish for:

- Better and more Uberskins

- Better webview experience

- Better uninstall runtime (cleaner than before <_< )

- No need for WinME files

- More Icon patching

- some more Vista-ish dialog boxes (i can make a fake Vista copy-move-delete dialogbox)


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I wish...a clean win98se (as original as possible)....some graphic theme (to assign some elements to win98, like vista has the orb win98 should have something in particular, beside the logo flag).

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:whistle: Miss RP7's functionality of its Program.exe and smooth overlaying when it installs,as it self-serviced Win98se into a different and unique fully-functional O.S. entirely....it will be hard to beat.....though should be techically possible :rolleyes: WE Hope!!!....Newest Kex and other work in 9X-forums may well be a Better and More Stable O.S. than even M.S. could create ??? :ph34r: hmmmm it's up to us to keep 98SE movin' into 2009 and beyond !***Keep the 98SE basic flavors which makes it 98SE,but add mostly functions not normally native to 98SE to compete with Vista and newer O.S.'s<"Possibly call it 98 (T.S.)Edition???"> :sneaky:
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