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vLite & Adobe CS3 - Licensing


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i get this error with my vLite Vista (Everything is ok with my Non vLite Vista and another of my vLited Vista - different things removed with vLite i guess)

Licensing for this product has stopped working

is it because i removed something i shld not?

Attached the ini


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ooo... so i guess if i keep

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Software Quality Management

it shld work? ok... but since i am using my un-vLited Vista now i think i wont try reinstalling it again... lol not that free. but good to know, after my exams i can build my Vista again

That might be a new finding ,did you check it twice? If you did , you should tell Nuhi about it ,

yes, i installed my vLited Vista like 2 times, then tried with a non vLited vista 2 times also.

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It is an issue, can't even start. Dependency with SNMP resolved in the next version, it will be removable and Photoshop works.

good to hear that!

ya, and pcspecialist i cant even get to the activation screen so i cant even try any activation options

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