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  1. I thank you so much, i tested on a couple of vms of mine and it works like a charm (theyre a mix of msdn, oem a retail). Unfortunately, this guy who built the computer for my friend, removed that key from the registry. We suspect it's so that if he ever wanted/needed to reinstall, he'd have no choice but to go back to him and give him more money. So it didn't work but your effort was much appreciated. Well, technically, just because the key wasn't leaked to the internet doesn't mean it's not illegal. Also, it's illegal to give someone a copy of a Windows CD period, let alone a copy without a COA and PID. So, whether or not the key is "legal" is irrelevant, the CD used to install XP is highly suspect (even OEM kits and keys come with hologram packed media to give out with new PCs, although the master media belongs to the OEM).Get a new CD/key and use a legal copy of XP, or get the one he purchased from his "friend" (if he did purchase it, he is due one, legally). I don't mean to come off like an a** and this isn't directed at you, more of MSFN in particular; but when you have topics about add-ons or instructions on how to integrate part of media center and/or tablet pc into other non-media center/tablet XP installs and other such topics; it comes of a bit hypocritical saying something is illegal or warez. And whether you were a part of letting said topic go on so long as it did or just never said anything about it at all is just as guilty in the end. Just as guilty as are people who try to flag illegal activities such as posting an OEM only patch here; while turning around and making an add-on to allow you to add parts of a whole different XP version be integrated into another XP version at another site (ricktendo, sorry to call you out but you know it is true). If you search enough you'll see the hypocritical parties involved; and they already should know who they are. And while I expect this thread to die down quickly (if not deleted and removed by the people in control who see it true) I can only wish it would stay atop/ people would bump it only to point out the things which are more illegal on this board that are allowed to flourish. For example (and I feel guilty about this; but it is necessary), I am all about vLite. But you have users in the vLite forum suggesting other users to download older versions of vLite to avoid using WAIK; which Microsoft said was necessary to allow nuhi to keep distributing vLite. Since when did bypassing Microsoft guidelines or being told how to integrate parts of an XP version you don't even have to own become legal? But don't get me wrong I'm all for customizing your XP/Vista install as much as possible (providing you legally own the media required). But this forums denies some things; but allows others which are just, if not more; illegal. Either hold true to it all, or none of it. You can't half a** it. If you agree you should bump, not just to keep it at the top; but to show agreement with the basic idea that mods/admins should take this into consideration whether it means they have to take a more lenient or stricter stance towards stuff posted on this board. Though tbh I doubt users will out of fear or fear of retaliation of some sort. Even though I find that unlikely. And admins/mods..... if you want to delete this I only ask that you carry it on with me in private through pm or email. Because as I said, I believe that most of the stuff on this board is useful. But you only apply the warez label to the stuff you don't like or unpopular while allowing it for stuff just as; if not more, illegal. This might seem a bit extreme a response for the original comment, but I feel it needed to be addressed. I only hope that those who can truly make a difference regarding this matter either respond to, or at least are made aware of this posting (whether they be in agreement or not).
  2. I do reverse integration for all my family/friends Vista builds. Only thing you can't do is "current user" reg settings from my experience. When you do it though, it's limited to 3 times per image. But if you're doing it in the first place, you know they'll come back the rest of the time(s).
  3. I have this pal online who I wanted to make a customized XP Pro x86 install for (half of u geek out over the same s*** so sue me). Unfortunately he wasn't given a product key or a cd to reinstall (it was custom built by a friend of his). Now I immediately thought "uh oh illegal key", but I had him use Magic Jelly Bean and then search for his key online (I figured if it was an illegal key, it would prob be all over the place). No results. So I am assumed to believe it is legit for the time being. I am on Vista now (haven't been on XP for a while) so i figured Settup.ini might be in the /system32 folder. No luck. So without him thinking I'm trying to dick him over (which if you know about PIDs, you know I'm not), how can I/we determin just his PID? I only know of the 3 PID numbers and my disk is retail, so if it isnt right; it wont work if his key isn't retail. HALP!
  4. They also released Vista in a 6 cd set iirc. So it can be done. I do not know how though unfortunately.
  5. I can confirm this, I had to mount a stock image to retrieve it because I had lost application compatibilty. Also nuhi, I noticed that with the TV Pack 2008, using vLite will break media center with it integrated (or wont install and/or work if you try to install post setup) that wouldnt break media center without the TV Pack. Are there any plans to support/get to the bottom of this? I can understand if not because it doesn't come with normal Vista images (though a lot of OEM's are now including it on their discs pre-integrated), but I heard it might be implemented in the final SP2 so it might be worth getting a hold of and looking into.
  6. Hmm thanks. I'm assuming Tablet PC Edition is the same as well? I've never used that one at all actually.
  7. I have worked with the OS before but I have always used the costumer's *big box name here* CD if I had to reinstall (actually a freak occurrence that none who had MCE ever lost or damaged their discs, though I did have one who I just reordered for because she loved the software that came bundled [yet another freak occurance]). Now every time I can remember they have always had a proprietary install screen. Well today I was at a friends/coworkers house and he had a stock MSDN MCE 2004 disk. i installed it into a vm of his to check out the Windows Embedded theme that just came out (he runs Vista). I noticed that during the install, except for the license screen, it always says Windows Professional? Now this is only during install, afterwards it says Media Center Edition in computer properties ect. My question is has it always said Windows Professional during install/setup screens? And in all versions (2002/2004/2005)? Or was it fixed in 05 or what? No real need/purpose to this, just curiosity .
  8. I use VPC 2007 SP1 and unfortunately (or maybe its a good thing) I only use Home Edition SP3 (source not custom integrated) as it is the only XP OS I have 2 LEGIT< key word liscences for. So I can keep one for myself and one for you to battle against all those dreaded windows updates. Drop me a line if you want at staknhalo blank aol blank com My post might not have come out that way, but I would really like to participate/help out/ give feed back/ lend suggestions can also provide hosting for it on my ftp as well
  9. I'll try to test this out myself. I use Alcohol 52% and planned on making a new VM test install with 1.2rc in the next few days (and was going to remove SNMP seeing as it's not needed for CS3 anymore). If someone doesn't get you an answer before then I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Only specific processors will run a 64bit O.S. WITHIN VPC07. Usually server processors like Itanium ect.
  11. No, you can remove SQM. It is needed for Vista Media Center, not Photoshop CS3.
  12. I've checked it more than twice (unfortunately ). I had the same problem when I was making my vLite build. Discovered it shortly after the VMC dependency I mentioned here: http://www.msfn.org/board/Software-Quality...nt-t120263.html
  13. It is because you removed 'Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)' keep that and photoshop will work
  14. No problem man. Sorry I don't use people near me, so i can't help with that.
  15. I think I would have killed myself if I did it that way. Virtual machines. They are your friend

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