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Top 10 things to do with Windows Vista


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1. Find that file in a few quick clicks

Now no need to remember folder names to be organized anymore. Save time by instantly tracking down any document, photo, e-mail message, song, video, file, or program on your PC using Instant Search.

Just open the Start menu and begin typing in the Instant Search box Windows Vista searches file names, application names, the full text of all files, and metadata, and then displays the results right away.

2. See everything you have open at a glance

Have you lost track of what files and programs you've opened? Flip through all your open files and windows with a simple click of your mouse using Windows Flip 3D. You're just one click away from everything you're working on.

Plus, in Windows Aero, when you rest your mouse pointer on the taskbar, you can see thumbnail images of the windows you have open without having to expand them so you can find what you're looking for at a glance.

3. Keep photos organized and ready to share

Is your collection of digital photos getting out of hand? You don't have to search through folders to track down the ones you want. Now you can tag your photos with a date, keyword, rating, or any label you choose so you can find them quickly and easily in Windows Photo Gallery.

You can also use Photo Gallery to fix and edit photos, and then share them with family and friends through slideshows, e-mail, or prints so everything you need for photos is in one place.

4. Create a custom movie without a fine arts degree

Making a great home movie just got easier. Use Windows Movie Maker to blend videos and photos into a rich movie, complete with your own soundtrack, titles, and credits.

When your masterpiece is ready to share with family and friends, you can easily create a professional-looking DVD in Windows DVD Maker.

5. Keep track of your music and play it anywhere

The larger your collection of digital music grows, the harder it can be to organize and keep track of it. But now you can easily scroll, flip, browse through, and play your entire music library in Windows Media Player 11. You can even create new playlists of your favorite tracks with a single click.

You can keep your music moving with you by easily synchronizing your portable music device. Or you can share the contents of your entire library with other computers on your home network or with digital media devices such as Xbox 360.

6. Surf multiple waves of the web at once

Do you like to jump from website to website? Satisfy your appetite for multitasking without having to open several browser windows. You can open multiple webpages in one window and easily click between them with the tabbed browsing feature in Windows Internet Explorer 7 plus, you can see thumbnail images of all your open webpages at a glance with Quick Tabs.

7. Record and watch TV on your time

Watch TV on your own schedule not the TV networks' schedule. If your PC has a TV tuner, you can record, watch, and pause live television on your desktop or mobile PC using Windows Media Center.

With multiple TV tuners, you can even record one channel while watching another. When and where you watch your shows is now up to you.

8. Bring your TV and PC together and take home entertainment to a new level

Tired of huddling around the PC for entertainment? Connect your PC to one or more televisions in your home using a Windows Media Center Extender like Xbox 360, and enjoy all your digital entertainment on the big screen from photo slideshows, home videos, and digital music to live and recorded TV shows and movies.

9. Keep the things you need most at your fingertips

No need to open a web browser to check traffic and weather, open a calculator to add up a few numbers and open an application to see your calendar. Now you can put mini-applications called gadgets right on your desktop, where you can see and use them whenever the mood strikes. Just use the Windows Sidebar pane to store and organize your favorite gadgets.

10. Help your kids stay safer

Worried about your kids' computer use or about what they may encounter online? Now you can give your kids a safer experience and set PC usage boundaries for them by using the centralized Parental Controls in Windows Vista. You can even restrict games and websites based on your family's values.

Plus, you can better protect your PC and your personal information, as well as your family, with built-in security tools like Windows Defender and anti-spam and phishing filters.

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Nearly everything he's posted is exactly like that.

This is stolen from here

This one is lifted from there

The rest of his posts are all pointless copy/paste jobs too but with a link to the source at the bottom.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've got us a copy/paster!

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sticking it some places...

I guess that would explain why one of the corners of the box is curved... :P

but if were just randomly copy and pasting lets have some fun with it

/ | ||
* ||----||
~~ ~~

  .			/\		 .	   .		:
. / \ . . :
/ \ . . * :
/ \ * :
| (__) | . . ** :
. /| (oo) |\ ** :
/ | /\/\ | \ . . * :
. / |=|==|=| \ . * :
. / | | | | \ . :
/ USA | ~||~ |NASA \ . :
|______| ~~ |______| . :
. (__||__) . . :
. /_\ /_\ . . . :
!!! !!! :

gives me an idea for a thread. "Whats on your clipboard right now?" I might have to start one in general someday

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Some forums I frequent restrict certain activities to users who have a certain post count. Like one won't allow signatures for people with less than 10 posts. This helps reduce certain types of forum spammers. Maybe this guy believes these sort of rules apply here.

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