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Post-SP1 UpdatePacks x86 : Vista (MULTI) - Office 2007 (FR)

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Update of the 1st post : added changelog (in french but you can see KB number)

i have done changelog for Vista WinUpdate Pack & Office Update Pack, so you can see what hotfixes are include in those packs before downloading them.

i don't think i'll do a changelog file for MEGA Update Pack, because its too huge ... for August there will be more than 145 hotfixes in it, tooooo long to create a changelog for this pack ... sorry

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qt first thanks for your work with the update packs, and specially thanks foor the driver tip with the vista tools. so i can integrate my drivers without the "digitaly signed message". i want to ask you if you'll allow it me to use your packs for base of creating a german update pack for server2008? because i think it will be the same then yours in french ;)

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If you want, but 2008 and vista may not have all the same hotfix, clic here to see all Server 2008 Hotfixs


I think it could work (i have never do that), but ISO can be larger and larger, i think it is better when it on a clean vista, no drivers conflict.

By updating iso, for example, it will maybe do this, have driver v1 + v2 + v3 ... or maybe the *.sys, *.inf *.dll can be overwrite, i really dont know, clean install is ok and safe, for updating drivers, ask muiz on his forum

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