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  1. Hello Folks, i've got Win7 Ultimate x64 with the German LP in my company I'm installing the W7 unattended over WDS. My problem is, that i must switch the standard language from english to german after the setup is completed. if it goes by GPO or regedit. but actually i couldn't find all needed tweaks to to this. until know, i could switch the keyboard layout and the shown language. but i must switch the location from USA to germany and then the and here are some screenshots. (the red marked are my problems. ill hope someone could help me.
  2. ohh thanks for this good news just downloading and testing will come very soon ( i hope so )
  3. thanks for your short review... just jesterday i'm worried about the long setup time for my xp (because i formated the stick to fat32 because i want to test gparted (which won't work under ntfs) now i new, that it's much better to use fat16.
  4. qt first thanks for your work with the update packs, and specially thanks foor the driver tip with the vista tools. so i can integrate my drivers without the "digitaly signed message". i want to ask you if you'll allow it me to use your packs for base of creating a german update pack for server2008? because i think it will be the same then yours in french
  5. until now there isn't any update pack aviable for the server2008.
  6. hrrg, it works perfectly... thanka again for the great tip with esxi
  7. @MagicAndre1981: thx 4 info (i've forgot)... ps: schön nen anderen deutschen aus den guten alten foren zu sehen (ps: ich bin MythoS von GN bzw WU)
  8. for server 2008 microsoft brings you the "windows mobile center".... in my testsystem it works... but the syncronisation with outlook doesn't work perfectily until now... but i'm still at testing
  9. @nuhi: is it possible to add the "skip serialnumber" option for server2008 too ? and the "disable automatic registration" doent work on server 2008 both i tested with the standart and enterprise edition
  10. hello, can you please post the link for the SP1 for server 08... i can't find the link (for the x86 or for the x64 system)
  11. in the ini file you have postet aren't any settings written???
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