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How to install Windows from USB- WinSetupFromUSB with GUI

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I was using 1.0.6 beta and it was good. today I saw 1.0.7 and I gave a try. and it gives error when text mode begin:I/O error. then I overwrite my old "winsetup.lst" file to the new one. and it seems ok now. I think there is problem with 1.0.7's winsetup.lst.

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That's interesting. Can you perform a quick tests?

Did you use PLoP boot manager?

Start from USB disk/stick, press key "c" and type:

calc *0x475 & 0xFF

then press [ENTER]. What's the output?

How many disks do you have connected, including USB ones and card readers even empty ones?

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With this software, would I only need one partition to put on PartedMagic, xp installer and 7 (x64) installer?


How would I format/put the right mbr on?

READ the first post on this thread.

Get the tool.

READ the docs, then just try it.

There are suitable tools included to do the partitioning and formatting and writing of MBR, etc., if we are talking of a USB stick.

The adviced tool is RMPREPUSB:


(already included)

On steve6375's site there are tutorials to do the same (and more) manually, should you need some feature not available in the tool:



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Great! I tried doing it with just xp and partedmagic, and it worked fine before. Was just wondering if throwing in 7 (x64) to the mix would change anything. I read in the front and it said in another partition, so I got a little confused. Thanks!

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Another partition is for another Win 7, Vista or Server 2008, since you are putting only one, one partition is fine.

As for the MBR- the program takes care of that, grub4dos MBR is checked if present and if not- installed, all you need to do is to partition and format the USB stick.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello friends come to recognize and acknowledge the good work

provided with winsetupfromusb. come suggest some changes that may be useful for all

and especially that area of ​​information and or

Information Technology. I suggest the following changes

1. The first screen to change a solid color for a role

wall of the choice of this person using the program

thus showing an interesting customization

2. Add a function to protect against the usb disk recording as well as other programs already do.

3. Facilitate the creation of multiboot may add

system how the person wants to be it windows or linux

other as if the WAREZ.

4. Changing the way the WAREZ and added to

USB DISK as it is being added as file

. ISO plus it can be added as well folder

leaving the willingness to use its full potential as

when he does not release emulates all the functions

computer when using XP LIVE it contains. Note that the site itself provides can help

for the program to do this and you can tell

they provide a link to the setup from usb win instead

tutorial that today they use the official site. in other words

a partnership for dissemination would not be something to consider?

5. It could have only one function to repair the system

descending problem. For example the XP operating system

walk giving much problem or error in the time it's

copy the files to the hard drive after formatting the installation screen always shows that it needs a different

I believe that this can be repaired rather than having to

usb to redo all the OS already thought of a USB DISK

8GB and I have to redo the OS USB DISK 4 as in the case I

use XP WINDOWS 7 Ubuntu and WAREZ the same USB DISK.

Edited by jaclaz
Edited known WAREZ release name with "WAREZ"
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Hello fredroo, welcome to MSFN.

You obviously completely missed to read the Rules of the Board :ph34r: :


It would be nice if you could read them now.

If you could also write in the ENGLISH language (which does not mean put together at random English words) it would be appreciated.

Really, I can understand maybe 1/3 of what you wrote. :w00t:


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Great work on this tool! It works very nicely.

I was poking around in the files, and I have a question: in files\winsetup\setup.cmd, I noticed that all entries relating to EHCI are commented out with "REM 2000". This includes both the Services and CDDB registration. Why is this?

Edit: version is 1.0-beta 7

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USB services names in 2000 are different than those in XP/2003.

I see, but isn't EHCI the name in Windows XP? XP supports all three of the standarsd: OHCI, UHCI, EHCI. Of these, EHCI is the one that supports USB 2.0. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EHCI#EHCI

If you don't install the EHCI service, doesn't that result in the USB drive/stick working very slowly?

Edit: Or is there something special about the "REM 2000" tag? Do these lines execute on XP but not on 2000?

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The program dynamically changes setup.cmd according to the source used. Usbehci service and other ehci entries would be used if source is NOT 2000. There are other lines besides the one you mentioned which are adjusted.

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