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Why do you still use 9X


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ouch, forgot one thing. Luckily no problems at all with viruses. And welcome, I would collect them. :) New viruses arent so compatible with my old system :) And yes, it is possible to have the system so -- new hardware, old OS, old programs, if you find it perfect and working perfectly. No problem at all to keep it so. And so I have it.

Hi, SX001!

If you enjoy it, there's no more grateful reason than that. Let the world go round and "Don't worry, be happy" :whistle:

Welcome to the forum!

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I can confirm that I

dont do so much

on the Win2K server that was installed in late 2001 and is still running flawlessly, without ANY BSOD ever, connected to the Internet 24/7 and never rebooted if not for upgrades/SP/software patches and for this problem:


(though it wouldn't have been strictly necessary)

But on the other hand there wasn't any need to do anything more than what has been done on it in the last 8 years, which re-connects strangely :unsure: to the reason why SX001 is a contented Win98 user. ;)

The "good enough computing" approach is IMHO the best one, but there is not any need to say other people do "few" or "wrong" things or use the "wrong" OS.

After all the thread title is:

Why do you still use 9x


  • Why do you prefer 9x over ...
  • Why you prefer another OS over 9x ...
  • What is the right system for <xxxxx> (server/games/compatibility/...) use ....
  • ....



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