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Will Vista install to CF or removable media?


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I'm sure this is the wrong place to post this (i'm sure a normal vista wouldn't fit onto a small cf tho so i'm asking here!)...however I was just wondering, can vista be installed to removable media?

iv'e got around it in xp by removing the drivers for removale disks and replacing them with the hitachi driver, and managed to get xp to install on a nice speedy cf, significanlty boosting the speed of an older laptop :)

before i shell out and buy a 16gb cf, will it install onto it?

i've tried searching the net but found nothing that actually says if it will or not, i know some cf's are seen as fixed disk and some as removable, but the one i want to use shows up as removable, (the ones that can work as a fixed disk, ironically seem to be way to slow to be practical)

please don't tell me this is a silly idea because cf will fail after a day as windows writes to disk for a hobby, i've got a machine thats running xp, and has been for well over a year, and doesn't seem to be randomly failing even tho its running off a cf card...(don't mean to be rude, but everyforum i've asked quetions like this, i get told i'll goto computer hell for killing cf cards, and all sorts of things by people who have never tried it themselves who always know everything)

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Vista can be installed on USB drives, so it should be possible on CF cards too.

Start from Tutorial 8 in Dietmar's Signature:




cheers for the links!!!

if you could give rep on this forum i would!

Also i noticed that you can use the hitachi filter drivers in vista, so maybe I can just use vlite to intergrate them like with the xp and it'll work super easily, although I have my doubts.

Thanks again!

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would this method work for sd cards or other removable media? i have an eeepc 1000ha with a 150gb hd. i want to use the hd for media and housing the paging file. can i install vista on a 32gb sd card for the eeepc's built in card reader...? and can sd handle the thrashing of the paging file...or should i stick with it on the hdd...

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