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Locked out of vista


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There are two accounts on the pc , the one that you basically set up on install whichj i think is suppose to have admin privilages and the other which was created later on , but it cannot access data on the original account because it is pwrd protected ( i hope im not confusing u here ) lol

the problem is the original account which was set up, the customer lost their pwrd so they cant access it , there is important data on the account also whch needs to ne retreived . What are my options here ?

i heard there is a hidden Admin account which i cant with the "net user administrator /active:yes " ... If i do this would i be able to browse the acount which i lost the pword too ? Or if i jus remove the Hdd an slave it to another pc to retrieve all the data i need , would that be better to do then wipe the system an redo an partition the drive properly ?


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Just for the record, an alternative could be Windowsgate:


(the 911CD forum seems down right now, use cached page temporarily):

but you can find it elsewhere:




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Yes It is true that the administrator account is disabled defaultly and can be enabled by the command as u give i.e :

net user administrator /active:yes

If ur adminstrator account will get enabled then u can easily access documents of any of other account.

Another solution is that if u hv another OS installed on the same HDD then after logging as an administrtor in that OS u can access any account's data. Only u may have to take permissions to do this, simply follow steps 1. 1.given:

1. Right click on the folder u wanna access.

2. Open security tab.

3. Click on "Advanced button".

4. Open Owner tab.

5. Click on edit.

6. Give ownership to login user name.

7. Click on ok.

8. After that Select ur user name from Group and user names:

9. Select Check box of Full Control from Permission and authenticated user.

10. Click on Ok.

11. Now u can access.

U can also use same steps for Administrator account of Win Vista.



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