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All of the themes have been updated to 6.5. At the top are some lines you can change to suit your needs:

<script type="text/javascript">
// maxentries += 3; // Set your custom number of items per column
TimerWidth=140; // Timer progress bar width
TimerHeight=16; // Timer progress bar height
ShowPercentValue=true; // Toggle showing the percent value, ie: 75%, in the install progress bar
// ShowToolTips=false; // ToolTips must be turned off for this theme. Will not affect other themes.

The maxentries is probably the one to be editted the most. If the column gets cut off, do

maxentries -= 1;

You may have to do as many as -= 3 to get it to take full affect.

I left some room at the bottom for the --------- Previous ----------- Next -------- line. Don't forget about that.

In fact, anything in globals.js can be overridden by putting the line in the section above. This way it only affects that theme leaving the gobals untouched.

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One handy one I just used in a new "example" theme I will be uploading is ExtraHeight. My progress bar needs to be to 60 pixels taller, but only this theme. So, since it is an example, I don't want to permantely change it in Options, so I added it the top with the others; ExtraHeight=60;

Now, since I needed this I added some new tags in installer.css to change the height of the progress bar. I don't want to edit the actual Installer.hta code since it will affect all themes. Of course, this has changed all themes AGAIN! My bad, I should have tried this sooner and gotten it out with 6.5. BUT, it is a very easy upgrade 99% of users will never use and not have any headache updating to. Next version......

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// ShowToolTips=false; // ToolTips must be turned off for this theme. Will not affect other themes.


i selected the "Vista" theme, as a template for a custom theme which i am working on, does that mean the tool tips will not work with this?

it was showing up at one point, and now they do not show up. i have no html or java experience. i am perfecting my "trail and error" technique. I have learned a lot...;)

how can i upload what i have done so far to share?

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i have run into 2 problems which don't seem like much trouble, but i have no idea what anything is and i'm seeing spots now from staring at my monitor for so long.

1. The tooltip box is cut off. I have been trying to expand the width for it to no avail. it seems to automatically set the size depending on the length of text inputed, however, it only compensates and adjusts on the y axis of the box. i can't figure out how to make it wider. its at about 2 inches wide. i would like to make it about 4 inches.


2. My pictures that i loaded into the tooltip box do not work. If i understood correctly, i was only supposed to enter the name of the .jpg that i want to use. I browsed and located the file I wanted to use and selected it.


all my image files that i am using are the same name "shot.jpg" could this be the reason? all files are located within the folder for which program it belongs as shown in the pic.

for example: adobe reader and cpuz. each program would be in its own folder. within each folder, there is a "shots.jpg" file in them that i am using as the picture image.

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For problem 2: As the manual says, you have to place all your images for the tooltips into the Graphics folder inside WPI, so they have to get different names. Then You simply put in the filename into the picture file box. (e.g. Cpuz.jpg)

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